Date: 5th August 2011 at 10:28am
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It is believed that Barcelona have made a new bid for Cesc Fabregas and Arsenal have rejected it according to Sky Sports.

Barcelona have apparently made a bid of €29million plus €6million in future add-ons, whilst Fabregas was also willing to pay €3million towards the move. That is a total of €38million which is still €7million short of Arsenal’s asking price of €45million (£40million).

With the way things are going, I think Arsenal should just cash in and accept this bid or else Barcelona may lose interest and not continue to pursue Fabregas and then we will be stuck with an unhappy player at Arsenal.

What do you think? Should Arsenal accept this latest bid?

Should Arsenal accept Barcelona's latest bid of €38million for Fabregas?

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0 responses to “Why have Arsenal rejected Barcelona’s latest bid for Fabregas?”

  1. Gunner Paul says:

    NO! pay the asking price or get lost

  2. shodeinde says:

    dere noting like unhappy player anywhere,if one is nt wit a place we force our way if fagas is nt hapi like him force a move.belive me if fargas stays he wil be more dan hapi at Arsenal.

  3. LESLIE says:

    From the look of things,i think the time has come for the club to be ruthless on this issue cos we can’t loose for the sake of one player who wants to move to a particular club he loves.
    i think it’s about time we encouraged other bidders to come on board,that way there can be a bidding war so that the club with the highest can take him cos barca are in no position to pay for his services and our club needs to benefit.

  4. bradster says:

    I wonder if Wenger has spoken to Fabregas about what if Barcelona do not pay what Arsenal want for him.

  5. roger says:

    Persoanlly I think wenger has lost his amrbles, no more signings, no more anything, basiclly its the same fail sqaud as last season, minus average players, and even more average players again. Bloody joke.

  6. Big Y says:

    They are trying to use his unhappiness to price stupidly but wenger should stand firm on his price.

  7. David says:

    Problem is it does not matter if we accept it or not – we wont see it spent back on quality players, just back handers to parents of up and coming 16 yr olds – Happy Days

  8. stu says:

    If it is true that cesc is willing to pay his own ££££ towards the fee then 1st of all strip him of the captaincy – he is suppose to be our leader on the pitch!!! I would accept the fee so that we have more time to rebuild – TIME IS TICKING!!! why keep an unhappy, sulking player – NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB

  9. sidney grove says:

    I feel let down by arsenal. The board the manager the players have run the club into the ground. Im sick of arsene’s namby pamby ways and if i was him id sell cesc to man city for top price and be done wiv the lil sh*t

  10. Ken says:

    Why should Barca have special treatment his value is 45 million I would transfer list him and sale to the highest bidder if he really wants to go

  11. Amrut says:

    Have to admit Tottenham are dealing with the Modric issue in a far more certain way . Though Modric has himself handed over a transfer request . Arsenal need to call an end to this immediately and close this from our end. If modric is not being sold for pound 30 mill, how can cesc be sold less than that !Ridiculous !

  12. Christian says:

    Stop being silly, all of you who say: Just take the money, he is unhappy.

    This is not kids money, we are talking about 7 million euro ffs, that is alot of money even in football. You don’t give that away just cuz a 24 year old is sulking and want to go home to mommy.

    If Cesc don’t play well this season Barca is not gonna bid more next season and he won’t get a move then either, so he will man up, play the best he can and get his switch when his DNA is paying the market price.

    I believe Cesc is much to professional to play sulky though the season, he love the game and he do love Arsenal.

    If they don’t pay he stays

  13. Arsenal should just please cash in the money and set Fabregas free. He has done his best for the club and going to another club should not be a problem. Arsenal should accept the bid please.

  14. sw16 says:

    We’ve advised them what price is and they havn’t matched it, therefore the player doesn’t go. It’s really as simple as that.

    I don’t think it’s a case of Cesc being unhappy at Arsenal, I think he’d just like to go back to Barcalona and frankly who can blame him. If he stays he will play well and give 100% I have no doubt.

    If I was him I would start to asking questions about how much they actually want him. They had NO hesitiation dropping a pile of money for that Chilean bloke (the name’s left me) at the drop of a hat yet quibble over a few million here.

    Time to get real Barca. Youv’e spent the most money out of anyteam in the world in the last 3 seasons FACT. You have the highest wage bill in professionall football in the world FACT. You had to take out a loan to pay your players last season FACT.

    You are not as great a club as you pertain to be.

  15. Jon Stian Arnesen says:

    Pay the asking price! Players have too much of a say these days. Why do they always have to be “happy”? I`d say it would be worth 35 mill to see him rotting on the bench for the rest of his contract, if he starts sulking (however, I`m not sure he will. He is a professional). If more clubs would bench their unhappy players,instead of selling them on the cheap, then maybe the power in the transfermarket would return where it belongs?

  16. Edward Nyakahuma says:

    Let Barca bring what is asked from them or Fab him self tops up the balance since he feels he wants to go back home. Fab should respect the team that has groomed him to the level that he is seen as a supper star. He must know that no cow determines its price on the market other than the owner who determines the price after computing all it consumed. If he feels that he will go sturbonly also Arsenal will refuse sturbonly, be striped off the captaincy and sit on the bench the whole season. For the 2012-13 season no body will bargain for him because even boys from the academy will be better than him. I therefore urge Barca and Fab to sort them selves quickly or else the latter will be forced to stay and we shall not allow any player who has stayed by force to play.

  17. cin says:

    Don’t sell him.
    If he goes club get money and fans lose a good player. And bloody AW will not buy anyone for sure.

  18. bc says:

    Let the fella go we need to down with barca cesc his agent and thrash out a deal. try and get thiago or even afffelay as part of any deal then move on. we need a new captain some fresh faces and some reinforcing in other areas. cesc cannot be replaced like for like but i actually think that will benefit us. wilshire ramsey song frimpong lansbury coquelin diaby rosicky arshavin walcott gervinho nasri miyaichi we have more than enough to cope with the loss of cesc. but imo we should offload nasri as well and buy players for the positions we really need to strengthen defensively and centre forward.

  19. mystic says:

    £40m : Barca pay up, or shut up. Wenger should name Cesc in the CL squad, lets see how Barca react to the ‘possibility’ of him being ineligble in the group stages.

  20. Fredy says:

    If I were Cesc, I would stay at Arsenal. A place where I am valued for what I am worth. Barca are not really interested in Cesc, they just want to unsettle him and hope they would buy him on the cheap.

  21. GoonerB says:

    Barca should stump up the asking price.They should even consider themselves very lucky that Arsenal is only asking for 45 million coz Cesc is worth 70 million.And just like SW16 said,Cesc should seriously think about how much Barca want him coz they are willing to pay millions of pounds to snap up other targets but they dont want to pay the asking price for Cesc.They just paid close to 30 million for Alexis Sanchez,More than that for Ibrahimovic all the while claiming that they desperately need Cesc.Until they pay our asking price i suggest we keep Cesc until he has two years left in his contract and sell him to the highest bidder.Alternatively let them pay the 38 million and through in Thiago Alcantara and Abidal in the deal and we call it a day.

  22. nazir ahmed says:

    when arsenal goes to barca academic they pick d players they want at chip rate. Due to there relationship.but arsenal have forgotin about barca want to sign the player they sold to arsenal at cip rate wort, 850,000. But now barca ar wilin to pay 35 milion pounds arsenal are refusin. Hmm. Wel cecs is not hapy in d club and i dont see reason y we w4l kep him. Cash in on him and replace him wit anoda quality lyk, mata, parker,among othes. Wel i dont belive in wenger again 7years same story. Guys belive me in wat am sayin. Up arsenalllllllll l

  23. Tajudeen says:

    Barca must reach our price before they can hav him that is just it.

  24. akgooners says:

    Typicall AW, screaming all the players transfer price inflated meanwhile he can’t settle a peny less for his players. He willing to sacrifice everything for that small price different. So many examples happened to us in the past because of le boss greediness. He is the most expensive coach in UK and arsenal ticket is the most expensive and yet arsenal don’t want to pay good salaries for the players and don’t want to spend to strengthened the team.
    I would like to encourage all gooners to banned emirates ticket by not buying it until le boss give us the fans something in return. Buy needed players and think as a big soccer club manager rather than a fortune 500 companies CEO.
    Its not all about profit and money Mr Wenger. Listen to the fans would you.

  25. chris says:

    Do people not see ? Barca are just toying with us. They know they can leave it as late as possible before agreeing the right money. That way it will cause the biggest problems for Arsenal … meaning further instablity, disruption. uncertainty. Plus we may not be able to replace him in the little time they will leave us. They are still enraged by us (legally) taking Cesc at age 16 .. and this is their way of punishing Arsenal.

  26. mystic says:

    @nazir – get your facts right, Barca didn’t sell Cesc to Arsenal, he left pure and simple. There are regulations in spain that cover the offering of contracts – Cesc and others from the academy want more opportunities. Price is £40m, either Barca pay, or Cesc stays. If Fabregas had wanted to return home so much, why did he sign a contract (including extension) to take him to 2014? Arsenal owe Cesc nothing but his agreed weekly wages.

  27. para says:

    NO. If they don’t pay up, no deal.
    Play him in the CL qualifier, so they know they have lost out.
    If Cesc does not buck up and play his heart out for AFC, don’t play him, for he will only do us harm, remember game against Barca where he gifted them a goal, yes i said gifted, he ruined our chance in that match.
    Time to stop pampering to Cesc, no matter how good he is. Period

  28. DEO says:

    £40m or no deal.

  29. Vlad says:

    Cesc is a pro, and will not drop his performance if he stays. He is not stupid guys, he knows if Barca are cheap and don’t pay the price, then that is what they value him in their eyes. They pay 40 mil E for a rookie like Sanchez, who played for Udinese, Pastore and Aguero were bought for more then 40 mil and yet, for the best midfielder in Europe, who gave the assist that won the WC for Spain, they are not willing to pay 40 mil pounds. Arsene must be stupid to let him leave for less, also Barca still owe us money for Hleb and Henry. And I don’t care about Cesc, he has 4 years left of his contract, so run the contract down dude, and you are free, like Nasri next year, but before you leave, put your hamstring aside, stop moaning about and win a trophy for this club!

  30. Braimah says:

    “With the way things are going, I think Arsenal should just cash in and accept this bid or else Barcelona may lose interest and not continue to pursue Fabregas and then we will be stuck with an unhappy player at Arsenal.”…Yup this comment proves why you’re a fan and your place is in the stands. Let the professionals do the playing and Negotiating. The amount of dribble on arsenal blogs these days is truly astonishing. The kid has 3 years left on his contract, at the end of which he still wont have peaked and you want to accept less than fair value for him now? You my friend are a piece of work.

  31. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Stars want to play with stars…Arsenal are going to have to add stars, not prospects, if they want Fabregas to stay

  32. HashGun says:

    Barca is showing The Arsenal great disrespect and unfortunately Cesc is the pawn! Just who does Rossell think he is to run roughshod over a club like Arsenal! Stick to your guns even if Cesc proves to be the casualty. He knew full well where his allegiamces lie! Why did he accept the long-term contract! Sell him off to Madrid or ManC! Let him and Nasri teach ManC how to play proper football!

  33. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Barca knows as long as we have Cesc that we are a threat so AW needs to surround him with more stars so Cesc will stay

  34. Goonerbeall says:

    Unhappy player eh? How abt selling him to Madrid who are happy to pay what we want thus annoying Barca?
    Hell hath no furry……. u get me?

  35. Mohamed Zubairu says:

    If they are not ready to pay the asking price then let the deal be off. I think we should threaten to “cup tie” him if they don’t conclude the deal at our price b4 the champions league play off. If Cesc insists that he wants to go, then let us offer him to the highest bidder. I understand that Man City and Chelsea are interested. Let us get maximum value for him and invest the money in quality replacements.

  36. pissofffan says:

    Simple, one of the world’s top club cant even afford 1 of the best playmaker in the world at $40mil considering a bargain. And using unprofessional media taunts and comments to irritate fabregas and disrespect Arsenal. Barcelona such disgrace to others. The players cant be consider professional and sportsmanship.

  37. Kole says:

    Very surprising a team captain has devalued his club to the extent of paying his way out. It is now time for the board to aution him to another serious buyer who can pay his value as it seem fabregas need barca more than barca need him. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  38. Gooner4life says:

    They should pay the fucking asking price. 40 million is still cheap. They’re taking the Pisa. We should bid 35 million for messi just to piss em off and see how they like it. If Henderson, Carroll and jones are with their transfer fees te fab is worth at least 60 million. Fuck off Barcelona.

  39. Théotimi Mizero says:

    I say yes.I love Arsenal sooo much but am tired of unhappy prayers.If Fabregas does’t love Arsenal anymore,no need to keep him.

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