Date: 29th July 2011 at 11:10am
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Peter Hill-Wood has confirmed that Arsenal have made a bid for Everton’s centre-back, Phil Jagielka, but our bid was turned down by the club. It is thought that Arsenal made a bid for £10million for the England defender but Everton by are said to be holding out for £17million.

“We have made a bid for him but they didn’t think it was enough,” Hill-Wood said. “It is very busy but nothing is actually happening.”

There is no doubt that Jagielka would be a good signing for Arsenal as we need a new centre-back. But we all know how cautious Wenger is when it comes to spending large amounts of money. I am sure the he was not even happy with the £10million bid we made as he would have deemed that to be too much. And if Everton want £17million then I cannot see Wenger sanctioning that purchase unless the board over rule him.


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  1. Rubel says:

    Personally, I do not think we need this man playing for Arsenal. We have signed Joel Campbell if you are late on the news.
    All we need now is Mata and Samba.

  2. Foots says:

    Rubel. We haven’t signed Joel Campbell mate. Unless I missed it on the Arsenal Website or you are his dad, How would you know?

  3. Mr Cee says:

    Campbell and his under 20 coach announced that he had signed for Arsenal so it’s highly probable that Rubels information is correct.

  4. bayo says:

    hello mate,i think we need samba cos d guy can hold up ur defence,

  5. bc says:

    Jagielka is no better than Djourou or Koscielny. Whereas we need a CB that is better than Vermaelen. We need someone who is tall, agressive and experienced and brilliant at defending set pieces. We currently need 1 defender, however, i would sell Eboue and Squillaci meaning we need 3. Bartley could be one, Samba and Mertesacker would be my other 2. That would give us 6 decent CB’s of which 4 are versatile enough to cover FB and DM roles too.

  6. isaac says:

    The board should go ahead and overrule Wenger,we must sign Jagielka unless we want to pay the same price we paid last season for having a leaky defence.

  7. You have to pay money and bring the new and experionced players.I want to see Arsenal winning the Cup.
    I was expecting for almost 56 years a Cup but it si not there. But you must pay and wine the Cup Now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. oluakindele says:

    Lol rubel u idiot We do need dis guy coz hes a defender and campbell is an attacker so dude ur wrong.
    But i think we have signed Joel though

  9. Amai says:

    Rubel, Joel Cambell has def NOT SIGNED for arsenal.
    wiki said the same thing about Ricky Alvarez until he happened to sign for Inter
    Its not hard can post/edit info on Wiki.

  10. Amai says:

    rubel>> Joel Cambell has def NOT SIGNED for arsenal.
    Its not very hard to edit/post info.
    It also said Ricky Alvarez had signed for Arsenal until he actually signed for

  11. henry okundalaiye says:

    how tall is jageilka because we need tall defenders?

  12. ken says:

    All this about big transfers from Arsenal is just to appease the fans ahead of the Emirates cup to avoid mass demonstrations from fans.
    Cesc and Nasri will be sold as the shareholders line there pockets again and cheap replacements or promotion for the young kids from the reserves.
    Can anyone see that year after year Wenger and the board are pulling the wool over peoples eyes IT WONT HAPPEN

  13. Elujoba eluwole ebun says:

    Personally i don’t like dis guy called jagielka,we need mata and cahil or samba.

  14. Lewis says:

    Jagielka is a quality CB, unfortunately, because of the spurs connection, we can;t go for dawson, (doubt he’d repeat history like Campbell) but In my opinion, hes better than Jagielka, Samba or Cahill, who would buy Cahill for 17million????

  15. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Just get him especially after our defence’s performance in both of the Emirates Cup games

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