Date: 29th July 2011 at 1:57pm
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Arsenal chief Peter Hill-Wood has told Barcelona they must pay up if they want Fabregas or else they and all their players should keep quiet and leave us alone! I am glad that Barcelona have been told this publicly and hopefully it will not put an end to this Fabregas saga that has been playing out for the whole summer.

Hill-Wood said, “They have been messing about for a year and a half now and they have got to make up their minds.

“The ball is in their court. They have made one bid of around £26m and another rather tentative one.

“If they want to buy the player they are going to have to pay the right price – and when you look at what is being paid elsewhere I don’t think what we are asking is at all unreasonable.”

I agree with Hill-Wood, just look at what Manchester City have paid for Aguero, close to £35million and you can not tell me that Augero is better than Fabregas. The £40million Arsenal are asking for Fabregas is not unreasonable at all.


0 responses to ““If they want to buy the player they are going to have to pay the right price””

  1. Daniyar says:

    oh yesssssssss

  2. yinka says:

    if they want fabregas, lets start with 50 million euros

  3. Azz says:

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring …….. Any new news ??

  4. james agada says:

    oh yes! Hill-wood was right. You cant buy my captain for peanut. If fabregas was that important to the catalans, why must he be prioritized to their second signing to sanchez?

  5. para says:

    They are going to leave it til the last day, then AFC dont have any time to spend the cash on a replacement.
    They should be given a cut-off day, and if no money by then, Cesc plays as a squad player, for he will be surely “injured”.

  6. Donnie says:

    they should feel lucky to even get him for 40 mill

    if fab didnt have barca D.N.A

    am sure city chealse and madrid would pay 50 mill for fab

  7. wengernumb says:

    i agree with hill-wood of course. Now that its known what the score is, perhaps we can either sell or spend the money……the worst scenario is that we sell on the last day and fail to spend. barca are just annoying pests.

  8. BatonRougeGooner says:

    I agree with hill-wood and I hope Fabregas understands that Barca won’t play him as much as Arsene will

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