Date: 24th July 2011 at 11:01am
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This week could be the busiest in the history of the transfer market for Arsenal. We firmly expect the whole Fabregas saga to end this week at it is being reported that Barcelona’s vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu is in London this weekend and wants to meet Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis to submit a new £35million offer for Fabregas.

£35million is still short of Arsenal’s £40million valuation of the player but I am sure a deal can be reached by the two clubs. With the money from selling Fabregas, Wenger does not plan to waste any time on spending and it is thought that he will spend all the money on Valencia’s Juan Mata and Villarreal’s Santi Cazorla.

Both players are capable of playing on the both wings or in a more central attacking role. This would give Wenger endless possibilities for our midfield and attack.

What do you think of this link? Is it wise to buy both these players as a replacement to Fabregas?


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  1. sparx says:

    yes it is wise to buy them both. end the never ending saga for Fabregas and get rid of Nasri too. he doesn’t deserve the shirt he wears for us. he has been here three years, had half a good season and he is god ( i don’t think) In my opinion we have enough central players but need more wide players like Cazorla and Mata. Bring in Cahill too and we actually have a chance albeit slim for the title.

  2. Simiyu says:

    Arsene should grab that opportunity n sighn the two before its too late! It tym to let fab n bring in new power in the mid.

  3. arsenal4eva says:

    sell fab4 n nasri!..did not av d heart 4 arsenal..bring in mata n cazorla wenger!

  4. Chris says:

    Let cesc go. Its been suggested the arsenal game arrangement is moulded around him, with no results, the more reason he should leave. As for nasri, he is a spent force. I dont see any more good coming from him. Cash in on him. Where is Hleb, adebayor, flamini. Buy Mata – from what i’ve seen on u tube, he is quality.

  5. Kelvin kungu says:

    I love arsenal nd this season we wil get a trophy am kenyan bt nationality am a gooner

  6. Christopher says:

    Yes i like the both players.Wenger should pls sign them 4 the gunner.

  7. arsenalaidan says:

    Seriously wenger sign per mertasaker. Around 8million for a German international experienced tall strong center back. Along side Thomas he will shore up our inexperienced defence who r crying out for a leader.

  8. joe says:

    wise discition, good good. Let nasri go along with dat idiot so called febregas.

  9. deji ajiboye says:

    Wenger does nt learn any lesson from his mistakes so does his inexperience boys they will continue to disappoint us and themselves until wenger choose to let go d players due for a transfer and bring in some serious players like a dutch man van perse and vermelean who can secure our defence and solidify d mid-field.thanks

  10. armagharsenal says:

    Iv said it for a long time. Sell Fabregas for 40 million. Buy Mata and De Rossi with that money!! If Nasri hasnt signed a new deal before the start of the season buy Hazard or even Cazorla. Not seen much of Santi but I know he can play on the right wing. Sell Diaby and buy Parker and replace Vela with Chamberlain. We need to buy 2 out of Cahill Samba Dann and Jagielka. Personally id like Cahill and Jagielka. We maybe need a left back as well someone like Cissoko. With De Rossi we could play 4-4-2.
    Sagna Cahill Vermaelen Cissoko
    Hazard De Rossi Wilshere Mata
    V.Persie Walcott or Gervinho

  11. EMMANUEL says:

    They will be great replacement for fab, let him join barca, bring in mata and carlzola

  12. Prince Amaegbe says:

    sale fab, keep narsi and sign mata.. Put gervinho up front.

  13. Kole says:

    Well, they will be ok and perfectly fit for the team, but i doult if arsene will make such a big move in the transfer market.

  14. Johnson says:

    It wudnt b a bad idea,signin Juan Mata & Cazorla buh d fat qtn mark on dis piece of news is its authenticity… Q.1.. Is AW actually gunnin 4 thoz guys..? Q.2.. Is he ready 2 break d rigid,stony transfer structure @ Arsenal? Q.3.. If he’s finally set 2 smash d club’s transfer record,then watz delayin d Cahill,Samba & co… deals..? Letz tel ourselvs d truth,dis is dsame Wenger dah promisd heavn & earth @ d cloz of d seasn dah he’ll fortify all d deptments & wer jst days 2 d cloz of d current transfer window.. Only God wil help us..

  15. maikano says:

    Personally,I feel that will do us a lot of good.fab’s mind is obvsly no longer wit arsenal and so he shd go.nobody is indispensible.mata and carziola wil b very good for the team.we do nid a defender centrally tho.

  16. alaboru donald says:

    i don’t really see any of dis speculations happening,Mr wenger doesn’t seem 2 have learnt his lesson and wouldn’t my praya is 2 see dis rumours becoming reality

  17. silah says:

    Arsenal should concentrate on solving defensive deficiencies. As it were we still have enough players in the midfield even if both Fab and Nasri were to believe

  18. bayode says:

    i dnt kno how u pple view tins truly both fab4 nd nasri did not deserv our jersey any mor but no body pray to work 4 notin d only trophy fab4 eva won with us is far bak FA 2005, nasri only emirate cup nd u ar blamin dis guys 4 goin. u beta let join hands 2geda nd go against d philosophy of A.W dan blamin d duo.

  19. Pls prof buy d two players and one strong defender like mertesaker or cahill

  20. BINGHI says:

    all gooers have seen what fab can offer to arsenal absolutely nothing ;let him go, for he know his qualities can not fetch arsenal silver wears. this goes to nasri,for how long have he been on his top form.if he need silver wears ,he could have scored hat-trick@ the carling cup final.nasri does not have the strenght to win silver wears at arsenal.clichy is a shameful player,he should give thanks to Boss Wenger for giving him a chance to play about 8 yaers ago when he was a teen.aplayer like him block young players chances to become great players.Boss Wenger let them go bring in MATA and CARZOLA for they have something to offer for arsenal.GUNNERS FOR LIFE.

  21. Ugoezeh says:

    Yes i love that, the both are very good players and are morethan replacement for fab and nasri, get them wenger as soon as we offload this duo, (EZEHGUNNER).

  22. mbukino friday says:

    i tnk AW should buy cazorla and mata with fab going 2 idiot barca so dat d club can look 4ward 2 beta things.nasri 2 shuld follow while matasacker,chambelain and jose enrique are bought.

  23. Mustee says:

    I thnk signin juan mata wil b vry gud 4 arsenal wit cesc leavin. Arsenal shld luk 4wrd and sign cahill,cissokho and benzima dis wil boost d team… Go and get them Arsene!

  24. Anijunsi christopher says:

    Wenger is a STUPID MAN if he can’t buy MATA,HAZARD,CAHILL,SAMBA,LUKAKU

  25. George_D says:

    We have wingers… maybe buy one of them… THE MOST IMPORTANT is to give power and height to the team…

  26. Akeelu says:

    I dont know why wenger dont wnt 2 spend arsenal is d club dat each an every player wnt play 4 becouse of fantastic role of plyn if wenger want arsenal 2 4 get about six good season trophyles must bring talent players

  27. bidon says:

    let nasri go if he wants, wenger.but whoever wenger beg with money and still decided 2 go hardly he will get first shirt and also first team.let take a look at leb and flamini,both are hardly fighting 4 first team,can u see this is how they did before ending like that.let nasri go and forfeit his career there.2012 he will be playing for sunderland

  28. Mark says:

    We don’t need two to replace one. Just one of them will do and then use the remaining money to spend big on Per Mertesacker!

  29. bonface says:

    4 sure n 4 real nasri and fabregas r not interested in playing 4 arsenal sell them n imedietely buy mata and carzola plus cahil samba and vortghen,striker buy lukaku and benzema arsenal will be unbetable both in epl and champion legue wenger cheap is costly n ignorance has no defence!

  30. Emordi says:

    Pls wenger should buy,mata,casiolar,cahil,cissioko, and sell fab with e40m pouns,

  31. Omodele says:

    Wenge pls sell cesc both not samir nasir

  32. Oshodi hassan says:

    Pls mr AW get us a good player pls and pls

  33. TrueWisdom says:

    Arsene Wenger says that he has to sign a new defender and Per Mertesacker would be an ideal replacement. Yet I doubt Fabregas will be leaving because barcelona have already spent a bit of cash on buying Alexis Sanchez so I doubt they’ll have enough for Fabregas. And as for Nasri, he’ll be staying another year and leaving for free next year. So Cazorla and Mata are highly unlikely to be on Arsene Wenger’s shopping list.

  34. Henry says:

    am Henry. Pls wenger we ned new player hurry &singn mata, cazorla&cahll.

  35. Henry says:

    am Henry. Pls wenger we ned new player hurry &singn mata, cazorla&cahll.

  36. Gunzblazin says:

    wenger will only buy if fabregas is sold, he most likely will go for mata, mata being the ideal replacement for fab, our main problems is not midfield or attack, its the shaky and leaky defence thats costing us, buy a good strong experienced defender, someone like per mertesaker who is vastly experienced and is 6ft4 tall, we need some real leaders, no more young wannabees, i really like juan mata and i hope we can buy him and mertesaker or samba. GO GUNNERS.

  37. Omeiza-ihima-gunner says:

    Wenger is stupid & resilience in his stupidity. Dnt blame nasri or fab4. Put yrsef in their shoes & undstnd their frustratn. Wenger rfuse 2 buy good players around them. Who tel u wenger can buy mata,carzola,samba & co even if he sell d duo. Lets face d fact & stop believn & dreaming like wenger. After all, Arsene is jst a stingy mangr but not a coach.

  38. Gweezy says:

    The two players would be perfect in the team. Wenger should pls sell that idiot called nasri out of the team ASAP. even Fabregas doesnt make open comments about his leaving onlike money freaked Nasri.
    No doubt he wou;d sure;y end up like hleb and flamini& adebayor just immediately after the season ends!

  39. tutu says:

    this is a welcome development; if arsenal can make this a done deal once and for all…..because we need to get rid of some player and build a winning team

  40. sam gonner says:

    2 central defenders,1 striker and 1 left back .then we can compete.hurry ,hurry mr .wenger .time is going

  41. Azeez says:

    Let idiot fab go 2 d usles bac who no him b4 and mad nasir, just buy mata&carsola inklud wit cahil, tell nasir 2 sign new deal if he refeuse let him go and end his carier at city like hleb flamini. Up gooners

  42. Precious says:

    Keep to your promise

  43. gyabi moses chihi says:

    Gervinho is one of the good guys we are having now but two more would do us more good

  44. Emka says:

    The ultimate situation would be if all the Fab rumors were untrue and he is completely happy at the Emirates and would stay(dont seem to be that way though). Then Wenger can sell Nasri(who had his prime 1st part of last season then did nothing) for £25mil and Almunia + Bendner for £10mil and get a fit Ribery + Mertesacker or Jagielka… But in reality i think Mr.W only will buy one new CB tops, Fab will go and NAsri will stay.

  45. abiodun says:

    gunners4life mr aw shld 4gt fabrigas nd sign strong midf,striker nd defender

  46. Okiji tayo says:

    Like sanba,mata.

  47. Wenger should replace mata for fabregas as for nasri he going nowhere i know what he is trying to do he want wenger to sign more good players like him, i think the only problem we have is our blackline i think wenger should go for mertersacker and samba the duo will be a good signing and shift vermaelen to the left side back.

  48. ubong moses says:

    .fabregas should go who knows if he’s arsenals badluk bring in mata.mertesacker .cahill.jagielka and see were arsenal wuld be next 4 a.w he should break banks and stop being tite fisted .as if it is his money.stingy man! Super glue.aka gum.always a gunner

  49. Bufty says:

    They wil b a gud signing,bt can wenger sign dem.Dats d big question

  50. ayomide says:

    AW has started again.If he is really ready to splash the cash,he sud prove it.Sign them,let us see them.

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