Date: 22nd July 2011 at 5:33pm
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With the constant speculation linking Fabregas and Nasri with moves away from Arsenal, it has been suggested, mainly in the case with Nasri, that the players want higher wages in their new contracts. It is a tag many footballers in the game are carrying today that they are more worried about how much they earn than actually going out and playing the game they love.

Arsene Wenger spoke about this during an interview in the Far East when the Gunners went on tour, he said:

“In the case of Fabregas, he is torn between Barcelona, where he grew up, and Arsenal, where he has been educated. It’s not financial. Nasri is the same: they both love the club and are very happy with us. Hopefully we can keep them both happy here.”


0 responses to “Wenger : It is not about money with Fabregas and Nasri”

  1. akeem says:

    olori ibu ni arsene wenger sack him meaning he is mad ,foolish bastard manager

  2. The transfer should be up to the player if he wants to leave then let him go, it’s no point in being unhappy at a team and not playing your heart out…these are talented guys, let them play where they are happy to play…

  3. TrueWisdom says:

    I think that maybe its time to stop with these pointless articles. As fans, we don’t want to hear the same things over and over. As fans, we’d like to see entertaining articles about new signings, exciting transfer news.. Etc. And @Akeem, don’t blame Arsene Wenger. His done amazing things for Arsenal, the only thing he has done wrong is not win trophies. The trophies will come, unloyal fans should go.

  4. Fmsoundz says:

    @Truwisdom ar u blind? Can’t u c d man has lost his super touch? U wana keep livin wit past glories?Can he try 6yrs trophyless n any topflight club n d world? Akeem s an ambitious fan & u hv lost ambition lyk wenger.Go & b loyal 2 a trophyles team lyk blackburn

  5. ejiofoh ayodele says:

    Wenger is rite they luv d club but dey
    Still need 2 increase their wages

  6. i hope both will stay at arsenal nd will win trophies at arsenal cum on gunnerz,,,,arsenal till i die

  7. gunner says:

    Ya right! in love with a club but are also thinking of seriously leaving…what stupidity and lies. In love with a club whose manager kept playing stupid players with these world class duo…like almunia, perennial master-of-side-passing and backpasser denilson, clueless and out-of-position squillaci, moody-temperamental diaby, wooden-legged bendtner.

  8. Olayinka stephen says:

    U guys,it seems u don’t know what it takes to be a fan,footbal is not all about winning trophy,now arsene has understood that manipulating things does’t work this days and he is on is drawing board now making sure that things go for best this stop all these insultive/abusive language against our own Wenger

  9. wengernumb says:

    cesc is very happy with us??????what sort of spin is that?????….he does love arsenal in a minor way i do believe that, but he desperately wants to go back to barca and he should go…..its pointless keeping him.
    As for wenger, like many have said: this has to be his last chance!…another pathetic collapse of a season and he must go!

  10. samuel says:

    let fabregas go..and get a replacement to him..

  11. dickson says:

    pls barca should go n kill themselves, 4 me arsenal should not sell fabregas 2 them it’s am insult 2 arsenal 2 let him go 2 barca,arsenal will sure win a trophies.gunner till i die.

  12. thala says:

    wenger should sort out 2 things
    1. either he is the reason for downfall
    2.or its the players
    if 1 , he should leave or 2 he should build a new team

    sell fab rosicky ,squlacci ,eboue , bentner denilson

    buy vertonghen , micah richards, mata ,diego ,gourcuff ,samba

  13. Elujoba eluwole says:

    All of u are rite,let us keep our finger across and see wot Wenger av 4 us dis season.

  14. para says:

    Cesc is ruining AFC.
    Nasri won’t sign until Cesc goes.
    Unless Cesc goes, AFC will fail, again.
    His love is somewhere else.
    Get rid, now.

  15. Donnie says:

    “The transfer should be up to the player if he wants to leave then let him go,…”

    what a dumb comment yes if a player is unhappy something needs 2 be done.
    but u cant have a player whenever he feels like it saying he wants 2 go and so on

    what would be the point of a contract if you would let a player go when he feels like it or gets bored.

  16. Jj says:

    Has Cesc put in an official transfer request??? If he really wants to leave then he should, and stop taking the piss with the club who made him the player he is today!!!!!

  17. Eddy says:

    It’s all abt fab n Nasri. Dis is a shear distractn. If dese guyz rily wana go,let dem go n stop makin d squad fuss abt n d fans. Am tired of dis drama.

  18. oppol says:

    nasri and cesc should both leave and we be richer by 60 million. + wages saved yesss i like this. then we can buy 1 more player like mata or hazard for 17 million i say why not.

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