Date: 15th July 2011 at 3:23pm
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Arsene Wenger has made it clear that he does not want to sign a new left-back but we continue to be linked with signing a new left-back. In my opinion, I believe we must sign a new left-back and Jose Enrique from Newcastle is the front runner.

But Fanatix is suggesting today that Arsenal could be ready to sign Barcelona defender Eric Abidal. The Frenchman seems to be at loggerheads with Barcelona over a new deal. He only has one year left on his current deal and the European Champions may be ready to sell him for £3million if he does not sign a new deal. I am sure the player himself would want to remain at Barcelona especially since they were fully behind him during his fight against a tumour on his liver which was removed in March.

The beauty with Abidal is that he can play across the back four and it is versatility like that that could get Wenger to sign his fellow Frenchman. Abidal is also 32-years-old and that is the kind of experience we need to intergrate into our young squad.

What are your thoughts about the possibility of Wenger signing Abidal? One thing for sure if it does come through, it would be sweet signing another player from Barcelona especially if they do not take Cesc from us.


0 responses to “Friday Rumour: Arsenal target Barcelona defender”

  1. steve says:


  2. cupsui says:

    Arsenal are being linked to new left backs because the tabloids need stories and so do the blogs…

  3. TrueWisdom says:

    @Capsui, you’re right. But it would be a good bargain

  4. Ronan says:

    Tabloid 2+2 = 22 bullshit. Also, Abidal is seriously overrated. Barca defenders rarely have to defend because they have the ball most of the time. Abidal would be shown up in the Premiership. Also, he’s the wrong side of 30 and would be a disruptive influence. Wenger, please don’t touch him.

  5. rog b says:

    ha ha ha,where do you get this b@llcks?

  6. abu says:

    weger should sign more defence

  7. mato says:

    wow what a cool act.

  8. wenger must sign central back if only he realy want to surviv. Shamless wenger.

  9. Bufty says:

    He’s 2 slow n flatfooted

  10. Uwaaw says:

    We dnt want him…sm1 else plssss

  11. Minerva says:

    I am fvoerer indebted to you for this information.

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