Date: 16th July 2011 at 9:52am
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The Sun is carrying an exclusive today (Saturday) that Arsenal have put in a £14million bid for Anderlecht striker Romelu Lukaku.

Lukaku is one of the hottest prospects in Europe and has been a target of many top clubs. Now Wenger seems to have made his move ahead of everyone else and table a bid. If this story is true, it would be a huge statement of intent by Wenger as he does not spend so much cash that easily and especially for an 18-year-old.

As fans we have been calling out for Wenger to spend the cash and hopefully he is doing so now with the addition of another top quality striker. If Arsenal do sign Lukaku, I hope it will go to show the likes of Nasri and Fabregas that Arsenal mean business this coming season and they should stay at the club that has made them famous.


0 responses to “Arsenal bid £14million for Romelu Lukaku”

  1. Wiz101 says:

    Gud job, mr wenger please sign him and samba/cahill

  2. Thugs says:

    I hope AW will sign him. He shouldn’t just make a bid. No matter what people may talk about you,you still remain d best coach(Arsén wenger)

  3. Semiu says:

    Mr arsene pls try 2 sign the guy before is 2 late.

  4. wengernumb says:

    it has some credence as wenger likes them young!,,,,we still need a centre back though….desperately in my view!what is the point of a top strike force that gets 3 goals a game but lets in 4 ????wenger needs to get the priorities sorted!…he’s a bit like the boy-racer with a crap rear suspension and engine but goes and buys a spoiler and go-faster stripes

  5. ja says:

    do so stupid ay

  6. silah says:

    Going by the clubs priorities as pronounced by Wenger, signing Lukaku is but wishful thinking.

  7. Stalios says:

    i will be amazed if this ever happens!

  8. TrueWisdom says:

    Romelu Lukaku will be a great signing! Well done Wenger for placing a bid

  9. Oliseh Prince says:

    I doubt Wenger will make another signin. Expect xcuses.

  10. herbergooner says:

    nice move bt then where is samba,per,cahil,parker plz aw sign them we need them now than later

  11. chris says:

    Loads of strikers … no defenders but of course ” I will neveree abandonne my attacking principles … “

  12. chris says:

    Wenger should never have been Manager. He should have been Director of Football and still should be now – with an experienced hard core team manager reporting to him. A Manager who does defending and does tactics.

  13. herbergooner says:

    nice move bt then where is samba,per,cahil,parker plz aw sign them we need them now than later i trust u

  14. chris says:

    We won’t get him anyway.

  15. alaboru donald says:

    i don’t see dis happnin going by wenger’s antecedents,he cannot spend dat much on a young inexperienced player.I would have wished dis happens,but most pressing nw 4 d team should b getting an experienced centre back and i hope he does dat.

  16. es says:

    Absolute crap.

    Sun exclusive indeed. In another few months the Sun will go the same way as the NoTW.

    Why does anyone think we’re still in the market for strikers?

  17. Chimaobi says:

    Pls wenger y not sign dis man called lukaku

  18. donwest says:

    wenger… wenger… prof wenger…pls sign dis guy 4 us we realy luv hm plss sir wenger

  19. Yemi says:

    Another high-profile rumour..

  20. rashkanaik says:

    I’don’t believe çoz am fade up wth rumous.

  21. Mark Senior says:

    Dream on boys and girls. This isn’t going to happen. I would sooo love to be proved wrong but it’s all crap.

  22. Jmeks says:

    We need Cahill,Per and Samba. Pls.

  23. shogbesan yusuff (showboy) says:

    I will b v.happy if wenger sign lukaku but it still remain samba and cahill.

  24. stephen bright says:

    pls prof wenger sign lukaku the boy is a good player.

  25. Soji says:

    Great job,in AW we trust.

  26. can’t see this for just 14m

  27. Wonde says:

    Thugs: In what context do we say “best coach(Arsén wenger)”? In frankly speaking I am Arsenal fan but I don’t agree wiz ur comment. The club will soon lose so many things unless the stingy manager change his black principle

  28. afolabi a.s says:

    i employ mr aw to sign lukaku bcos he is young.also to sigh cahill and mata

  29. Bufty says:

    Its nt going 2 happen

  30. xx says:

    Arsene Wenger and the board are a big fraud. Everytime a big club is about to tie a player, they leak a false rumour that Arsenal are also going for the same player so that they will claim they lost to the financial power of the other club, but the desire to sign was there. Lukaku is signing for Chelsea. Wenger, stop pretending you were going for the same player. I am sick of this circus and refuse to be accept these “hijack” leaks. Go buy the players the club needs and stop this gossip nonsense!

  31. Chalo says:

    I will nev bleave it only it is anounced officially.dat ma (wenger scrugge) will not sign anymore players bleave me.

  32. Peter says:

    Brilliant if he signs him, but where is a new commanding CB and GK?

  33. gud job if u should sign remelu lukkaku,because his a gud strike get him and win troph

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