Date: 30th June 2011 at 5:11pm
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One thing players must learn, is never burn your bridges with your clubs. Denilson is going to learn this the hard way as he made it clear to all of us that he did not want to be part of Arsenal anymore and that he would be leaving and joining a new club this summer. But that has not happened as no one has come in wanting to buy Denilson. The same thing could happen with Bendtner who also said he wants to leave Arsenal but no one has made an offer for him yet.

In Denilson’s case, his agent, Gerardo Santiago, has come out and quashed the speculation that his player is headed to AC Milan.

“Currently there are no negotiations,” Santiago told Calcio Mercato. “The only certainty right now is that Denilson will be at training with Arsenal on July 7.

“With Wenger we often talk about other issues, but we have never touched on the topic of a possible departure for Denilson.”

How are Arsene Wenger, the players and the fans going to react when Denilson reports back to training after all the stuff he said about Arsenal?

For those of you who missed it, these are some of the things he said, “I am a winner and I came here to win trophies but I’ve been here for five years and won nothing,” he said. “There’s something missing at Arsenal but no one knows what it is.

“We were 4-0 up at Newcastle but drew. We also lost to Newcastle at home and West Brom and Aston Villa. We threw it away against Sunderland and Blackburn at the Emirates.

“Let’s be honest, some of those games were shocking, shameful. We are better than that. But until Arsenal stop throwing away those silly points in those stupid games nothing will change.”

And to top it off, Denilson claimed that last season was the “Worst season of his life” and he told Wenger this and Wenger allowed him to leave the club this summer.

Now that Denilson is coming back, unless someone buys him this summer, how do you feel about it?


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  1. arsenal4ever says:

    give him away for free if no one want him. Now you all see how much other teams likes Wengers super talents!!!!

  2. Teejay says:

    Forgive him 4 oldtime sake gunners 4 life

  3. Joseph says:

    He should saked or be a part of the deal for samba.We dont want people like him that bring bad luck.

  4. mick says:


    Ridiculous comment from someone without a brain. What you mean nobody wants Fabregas or Nasri. Nobody would want Van Persie or Wilshere either I suppose.

  5. TrueWisdom says:

    get rid of Denilson!!!!

  6. Bello Olumuyiwa says:

    Dump him in reserve for at least 3 month, so that he’ll learn how to talk. Oh, better option sell him to Swedish league

  7. Phil says:

    No surprsie there. This guy is deluesional. He has no guts no drive no sendse of shred responsibility. He thinks he should be in the bRazil team. He has never been in the squad – even though he showed a lot of promise and pyed u21 for them. It saddens me to think we have to waste time and resources on him when other youngsters liek Lansbury, Frimpong, Coquelin, JET, and Bratley are chompimg at the bit tgo get a chance. This guy has squndered every chance he has been given. A very bad day for the beloved Ars

  8. woodyd says:

    Not a fan of Denilson and would like to see him go. In his defense he’s not saying anything that many supporters, commentators, and ex-players have not. I believe RVP has also spoken out about missing elements costing Arsenal points.

  9. Wale adenugba says:


  10. Philbet says:

    More drivel written by pathetic football fans,fans with no opinion of there own just listening and following what others tell them,
    Denilson is a very tallented and gifted footballer with quite a considrable value ,all of football knows that, the fact he is probably not quite good enough to improve an Arsenal team is not really a factor, he will be in big demand from lesser teams trying to add quality and have no doubt will command a much bigger fee than all the aftertiming clueless on here think.

  11. pato china says:

    he is one of my most beloved arsenal players and he should be given achance.he is just young,let him stay

  12. fred says:

    Did you all miss out on the amazon bid,and to think no club came for him,check it out on amazon and you will see him for sale asking price is $10,000,000, anyone remember jeremy alidere well he is languishing away in the reserves and it has cost him a lot in his career, i think denilson should tow that path, that will teach the loud mouth along with No 52 to keep quite even when and if they are sold

  13. mick says:

    Well said, a bit of sense amongst the other rubbish written by the brainless morons. It is sad that so many people seem to have such a low opinion of our team and manager. Just proves the truth of the old saying…
    Empty vessels make the most noise.

  14. nicky says:

    Thanks for a rare and fair comment on Denilson. How could a player remain at a Club where the HOME fans treated him so disgracefully. My worry concerns who the Emirates crowd will now turn on, having seen off Denilson.

  15. K ola Adepoju says:

    Although i don’t want denilson 2 stay but what he say is true.gooner 4 life.

  16. Mohamed Zubairu says:

    Give him at no cost to any team we buy from. If for instance the deal for Cahill is valued at 17m Pounds and both clubs have agreed, Make it 17m plus Denilson.

  17. ak47 says:

    im with Philbet and nicky on this one. though the ref overtaking him will forever be remembered hopefully by the young man himself, technically he is gifted and with some hard work, determination and maturity im sure he will become a good player.

  18. munguryek ken says:

    i believe it can be a bad decision for nasri to go to man united

  19. stalwart says:

    i personally blamed him for what he has said to Arsene Wenger that not too good to ones coach,but at the same time let reason along with him if its once.up gunner…

  20. chukwuma says:

    he is not going to stay.But he said the truth

  21. Pasa Mustafa says:

    good player who will improve. dont believe everything the press has quoted him on. should stay

  22. jrgoonar says:

    for effs sake! I cant handle reading all this rubbish anymore from a load of people from africa and god knows where else, all complaining and moaning about arsenal players and how the club is run! let me make this clear, 1: you dont even live in the same country so how can you truly support arsenal! and 2: if you dont live iive in the uk then you definitely dont go to games which is where a large portion of our revenue comes from so you have no right to complain when you have contributed NOTHING!

  23. Abu says:

    Excuse him, he is young needs to be retained. He will be our next Gilberto very soon. The person who used to frustrate him he is heading to Laliga. Most accurate passes and hard tackling man


  24. Teslim Olajide says:

    I don’t know wat to say what am after is the transfer are we going to wait till late jully dat there will be no beta players in market no more pls the time is not our friend mr wenger pls do sometin

  25. tumi says:

    To jrgoonar: so wat if some1 in africa is complaining. Every1 is entitled 2 an opinion on the team, even tho their views may not be correct. And who are you to say other fans aren’t true arsenal fans.oh nd arsenal merchandise is sold abroad, how do u think ppl around the world get the shirts. I think global shirt sales can be considered as major revenue 4 AFC. Therefore we all contribute 2 the I suggest u keep ur racist comments to yourself

  26. Jerry says:

    @Jrgoonar, there is no sense in wat u have posted. RUBBISH!!!

  27. says:

    @jrgooner,f@¥k you, I’m guessing ur one of the uk supporters which lights up the emirates in every home game,its a real shame that guys like you cant be more big mouthed at the home matches,that might inspire the team a bit more if theres a better and louder atmosphere,we have just as much right to give our point of view as you have,doesnt mean if we live in another country we dont know whats going on in AFC you stupid prick. Im a Gunner for life and do not live in the UK and denilson must go as well as bendtner and squilaci. Cahill samba gervinho alvarez and a star player(im hoping falcao)to come in, and the verminator to take over captaincy

  28. Ode.Harding says:

    rascist?! I am from sierra leone and I must tell the mr jrgooner not rascist. I am gunner 4life but he right, we are not born fan like the londoners and I know as tru gunner, ticket buyer fans are most important fans. I stand by ur side mr jrgooner.

  29. jrgoonar says:

    thanks mate, but after reading my comment I may have come across a bit strong. I was just really angry when I wrote it and Im quitting smoking aswell so Im really grumpy, In reality, I know we need revenue from all over the world otherwise we can never compete with the likes of manu. I And we have a lot of African fans because we have some good quality african players so thats really good for the club in both ways. Thanks for ur comment tho! Its really nice of u to stick up for me!

  30. Rankk1 says:

    I can’t believe there are some people saying they actually want him to stay, ‘oh Denilson is a talented football player’ and in his own words is a ‘winner’ but in all the years he’s been at Arsenal has failed to show this talent he supposedly possesses. The fact that no club seems to be interested in him shows how good he really is, what he needs to do is grow a pair and realise he’s not good enough for Arsenal and not the other way round.

  31. okwi says:

    what denilson said are mostly true.he may have spoken out of frustration just like most of us arsenal fans have had to contend with the ugly situation this past 6 years.we hope it changes this season.

  32. dave says:

    dats the tuth…
    one thing about dis life is… either you win or lose.
    and he who repeated a class for at least 3time not to talk of six times is a looser
    wenger is a loooser if nasri should go
    fab can go

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