Date: 30th June 2011 at 1:37pm
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The Sun is reporting today that Manchester United are set to bid £20million for Nasri.

Manchester United seem to be on a real mission this summer as they are spending so much money. How I wish Arsenal could also be spending this much money and bringing in the caliber of players United are bringing. Now Alex Ferguson wants to make one more signing and he wants it to be Nasri.

Why does Ferguson want Nasri so badly? There is no doubt that Nasri is a quality player and that is why I hope he stays at Arsenal. But the way things are looking now, it will be hard to hold onto him as he is refusing to sign a new contract and we may as well cash in on him now than lose him for free next summer.

Nasri had a brilliant first half of the season last term but his second half seemed low key. If he can play a full season like he did in the beginning of last season, then you could easily have the best player in the league. For United, Paul Scholes has retired now and they do not have anyone to fill in his boots; Nasri is seen as the perfect long term replacement for Scholes. Nasri is only 24 years old and that means you can get another five or six quality seasons out of him.

For Ferguson, it would be a major kick up or backside if he manages to get Nasri to join him. Wenger has made it clear that he will not sell Nasri to United but if we are shown the right money on the table, we may just be forced to sell. Now it is reported that Manchester City may also be after Nasri and this could spark a bidding war between the two clubs.

What is worrying me though is that even if we sell Fabregas and Nasri and we get £50million in the bank account, who are we going to sign? There are not a lot of quality experienced players out there in the market right now.

Courtesy of LumixGoals, here is a video showing us the best of Nasri. Quality like this is what Ferguson wants but it is quality like this that we should keep.


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  1. nicky says:

    The simple answer is HAVE PATIENCE.
    The transfer window proper doesn’t open until tomorrow. There is no reason why we should have bought new blood this early. Let Arsene proceed at his own pace. Have faith.
    If Cesc leaves it will be to Barca alone.
    If Nasri leaves it will not be to any EPL Club.

  2. mr creosote says:

    Listen to Nicky, for he is wise.

  3. ieuan says:

    if we loose fab and nasri i would love for wenger to do cash plus players to bring in sneijder and ribery

  4. mystic says:

    If Nasri hasn’t signed an extension to his contract by 11.59 tonight (30/06/11) Arsenal should put him out for tender.

    @ieuan, I would HAPPILY swop Cesc for sneijder (only Messi is better than him), unfortunately it simply isn’t going to happen.

  5. Bongo says:

    The situation as it stands is this. People are saying he’s going for the money, I don’t think he is. The problem with Arsenal is that we do our contracts in complete secrecy, the press like to make it seem he’s only after more money but I honestly think he’s looking to further himself as a player and further his career by going to a club who not only has ambition but shows it. One that’s not too afraid to do what’s necessary to fix flaws and also one that has the ability to win trophies and especially one that will play him centrally.

    For the time he’s been with us he’s had to play in a team that has no plan B, up until last season had one of the worst goalkeepers I’ve ever seen, a team that can’t defend nor really pull off set plays, a team with amazing skillful players, that can beat anyone but always fade away near the end of the season and lose games which they should breeze through. Nasri has to watch all this while he’s stuck out in position were his skills are wasted and where he can’t have an impact on the match like he could when he was played centrally.

    He was amazing in the first half of the season when played there, best player in the league at that time, then when Fab returned he was thrown back out on the left where he didn’t have the same impact and that’s something as a player you’d miss having, more than anything you want play for a team that lets you show your best, let’s you get glory and make a name for yourself.

    United are looking to put Nasri on a better wage, better chance of trophies and most importantly play him centrally where he can shine, given Uniteds set up Nasri would shine there as he’s as he would fit into their centre perfectly. That’s a very tempting prospect. But I do believe Nasri would prefer to be Arsenal just an Arsenal with a few changes in our system that will make us better competitors again.

    If Fab goes then Nasri will want his position, with Gervinho almost a certainty we’ll have a dedicated Left winger, so signs are we’re looking to move Nasri into the centre. With defensive signings looking likely we may well have a defense that can be solid but we have to wait and see. If we do Nasri will stay.

    I’d honestly keep Nasri for the extra season rather than take the money this year. He gave us a brilliant half season last year, one that kept us in 4 competitions, a full season of that would go a long way to getting a trophy. If we want to win next year we keep him we get another few months to try and make him stay. Better than selling him to United and making them even stronger.

  6. Jflex says:

    Arsenal should not make the biggest mistake.

  7. Jflex says:

    Arsenal should not make the biggest mistake in the world.

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