Date: 29th June 2011 at 9:14am
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For once I wish to wake up in the morning and read the back pages of the papers and come across a positive Arsenal story such as, “Fabregas commits to stay a Gunner” or “Arsenal splash £50million on new signings”, but alas that is not the case and this morning (Wednesday) the Mirror ran an exclusive which was titled, “Arsenal fear they will lose Fabregas AND Nasri THIS WEEK!” What a way to start the day!

Now if this is the case then you can be sure there are going to be major protests outside the Emirates from the fans. It may not be of the same proportions as the River Plate fans but I am sure we will air our grievances with the club in one form or the other is two of our star players are sold.

It is reported that Barclelona came back with a new improved bid for Fabregas yesterday thought to be £34million. That is starting to get a bit closer to the £40million valuation so now it is decision time for Arsenal. Do they cash in now on Fabregas or hold out and hope Barcelona come in with a better bid?

Whereas the situation with Nasri suggests that Manchester United are planning on a £20million bid for the Frenchman. If Nasri is refusing to sign a new deal then we must cash in on him this summer and £20million would be a good deal for Arsenal. But the problem is that we would be selling him to our biggest rival. That would not sit well with me. If a club in Spain or Italy bid that much for Nasri then I would not think twice, and let him go.

This is a tough time as an Arsenal fan, I thought last season when we were dropping out of trophy chases one after the other was bad, but now the thought of losing Nasri and Fabregas is bad!

Do you think that Arsenal would still be able to mount a serious push next season if we do lose both these players?


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  1. Soccer Messiah says:

    Wenger is a big error. He always allow player whom he know are good to enter the last stage of their congract. He must stop seeing footballers as being loyal. As he is interested in football biz, so are some of these footballer’s. Everyone must not be an RVP

  2. Diane Lancaster says:

    This is a disgrace if we sell our 2 star players.I can only see one way we are going that is down the table we are going to look a laughung stock.expesially if we sell to our main rivals.reckon Wenger is loseing the plot and the dressing room and if our stars go we will have trouble getting stars in the club. Why would players want to come to Arsenal anymore if we are only a feeder club!This is a Disgrace and something has to be done.Mr Kronike get the Bloody cheue book out and sort the Board out.i am very concerned about the direction the club is going with the likes of Mancs spending Chaves spending Scocers are buying really worring,Sort it now .

  3. olaiwon Hameed Abiodun says:

    Nasri stay fab to go.

  4. Ilyas rasheed rosicky says:

    If both fabregas nd nasri quit those mean arsenal no go survive next season.

  5. abhishek says:

    I am confident , no1 is leaving this year! wenger is a father figure for both of them , n he’l surely convince them to stay at the emirates,maybe by signing some big guns!

  6. Opalrooy gooner lyngdoh says:

    What went wrong with us? I was expecting good news for the club, but this is the reward?? Both the stars to be sold this week?? Surely next season will be the most embarrasing one…

  7. zdzis says:

    I wouldn’t rely on Mirror so much. The Fabregas offer rumour is more likely to be true, and if it is, I think Arsenal should go for it. I don’t think we would ever get a better offer, especially since offers from all the other clubs are virtually nullified by Fab’s insistence on going back home. Word for those who shit their pants at this: Fab’s departure will refashion Arsenal completely, true, but that also means that Wenger will gain more room for substantial changes in the team setup. I chose to believe that this means improvement.
    As for Nasri, I think Wenger would rather let him go another year without a new contract than sell him to ManU. That’s complete b*ll*cks. You don’t sell your top players to the local champ if you seriously want to challenge him. The offer might even be true, but if Nasri is to go anywhere, it’ll be the continent. If he goes, Wenger will definitely have a problem, but he’d also have two months to find and secure an adequate replacement. (Not to mention 55 mil quid for that.)
    Cheer up, stop despairing, there’s lots of sh*t in the papers every day!

  8. Teslim Olajide says:

    Is better for arsenal to look before they leap about this player bcos we don’t know what can happen next season especially Nasri who they want to sell to man u for my own if Nasri is to sell let wenger sell him to another club not our rival but fabregas let him go beside who know he was may be he was the 1 that is blocking our progress in arsenal i trust

  9. Fred says:

    Let them both go. They was part of reason we won nothing. Nasri has been at Arsenal 3 years and had half a good season. If he wants to go let him. Stop buying foreign kids who use us has a finishing school.

  10. E Sithono says:

    let those who want to exit do so and work with those who have love of the team

  11. adamsmovic says:

    if we lose fabregas nd nasiri.i think we should hold mr wenger reposible

  12. zac says:

    Time for Fabregas to go. He is injury prone and clearly hasn’t been able to lead the team last season. Nasri should stay at any price… he is invaluable to the GUNNERS…..

  13. Adetunji david says:

    I belive in God.cecs&nasri,what discover 1,day.wil thank God 4der life.let them wil not end 4arsenal.let them go.

  14. Kabir usman says:

    Please tell baba ijesha not 2 try something stupied. How can u sell samir nasri 2 our bitter rivals in football, dat wil be a great disgrace if wenger try such shit.

  15. wengernumb says:

    if this pans out as true, it is indeed an absolute disgrace. If in nasri’s case the motivation is trophies and the pathetic transfer dealings of wenger, then we could be in for a downward spiral. It would be confirmed that we are not a big club and one that lives in the big shadow of man utd. Very depressing thought but wenger can influence the situation by quickly demonstrating his intent to fix our weak team with some strong quality players like cahill etc.

  16. adewale says:

    D fabregas deal is a good one,as for nasri,its unfortunate dat players do not owe any loyalty nowadays to d clubs dat made dem stars.he offered services for jus half a season n feels d club can b held at ransom.tink its high tym we leave these french boys alone…

  17. Aussie Jack says:

    Fabregas and Nasri aside for a moment I`m more interested in Denilson, Almunia and Bendtner`s terms of employment. Are they still under contract and for how long. If we can`t sell them can we give them a free transfer and save paying them wages? The problem is what club will match their wages and will Arsenal have to subsidize them by making up the balance?
    So, say we make 55 million from the sale of Fab and Nasri do we then use some of it to pay wages for players we don`t want.?
    Finding replacements could also prove difficult, Arsenal are not all that attractive a proposition for top drawer players right now. It`s a mess.

  18. ahmed says:

    iam one of the Arsenal fans especial somlia
    arsenal woudn’t able to defend or reach
    high position in the league or other cups, if they sold Nasri but Febricas no mean.

  19. mojaidon says:

    i beg if dey won go 2 God b d glory anoda peaple wll kome up dn’t kill we fanz b4 dare depature.

  20. nicky says:

    If the Fabregas and Nasri rumours are true and they both will leave, Arsenal will still soldier on. No-one is indispensable. The sale money will be used to bring in new blood and within 6 months their names will be barely remembered. “What were we worried about” people will say, “Our new signings have strengthened the team and improved our game plan for all to see.

  21. www says:

    I would be more than happy to sell them both, The Arsenal is far bigger than them. One is supposedly our leader, who over the last 3 seasons has played 54% of our matches. Last season he only started 50% and finished only 27%. £35m plus Thiago – thank you very much. As for Nasri, we have little choice, £20m or walk for nothing in a year, if we can negotiate a swap deal involving, Smalling, Nani or Berbatov that would be ok for me. If not all the cash up front in both deals is a must. As long as Wenger spends this £55m on top quality players as well as the whole of our transfer budget then great. Then there is Clichy, he is not good enough for the pay rise he wants, so again sell him to the highest bidder or tell him he will be a bench warmer next season. Then i would look at the dross squad and tell them that they will not all be in the 25 man squad next season, so they can broker a deal to leave permanently or on loan or they can only be considered for cup football next season.
    Eboue Squillaci Hoyte Traore
    Eastmond Denilson
    Rosicky Bendtner Vela

    The replacements are out there, 14 players out and 14 players in it is not as difficult as it sounds as some of the replacements can come from within. Mannone, Bartley, Lansbury, Thiago and Frimpong are 5 players that can step up to the squad permanently. That leaves just 9 to get with a budget of around £140m. (65 from Cesc, Clichy and Nasri, 45 transfer budget, 30 dross squad sale)

  22. Babtunde yakub says:

    I sugest dat if we sell fabregas and nasr 2 our enemy is not favour our club,i don’t want wenger 2 buy kid player 4 our club

  23. fellowgooner says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong guys, but wasn’t the Gervinho signing a done deal not that long ago ? And Samba ?
    I’m getting a bit worried, it seems that Wenger just doesn’t want to give the cash. Ok sure, he knows how to get a good deal but at the end of the day, we need these guys and he has to be prepared to pay the full amount from time to time. Sell Fabregas, KEEP NASRI ( A must ), at least don’t sell him to the scum, buy Samba and Cahill with the money from the Fab sale and then let’s get Gervinho ! Van Persie, Gervinho, Walcott, Nasri, Wilshere, Ramsey, Vermaelen ( Left back ? ), Samba, Cahill, Sagna and Sczeczny ! Come on

  24. Bigsix says:

    If they go, ARSENAL will remain. Yes we might think we shall be weak but how many times have we played well without Fabregas. ARSENAL is known to make stars not to buy them. Nasri came in as no one and now thats he knows he is someone, he looks for greener pastures. They might not be as green as they look now since its summer. There is still an EMMANUEL FRIMPONG whom I regard will develop well to be a perfect player for ARSENAL. Players I think should be sold : Denilson, Arshavin,Rosicky,Squilacci,and all those who want out.

  25. bubu escobar says:

    wat happend wit chamakh.,squilacci.??did they give benefit for ARSENAL last season…???im think not!!!plz dont let fab n nasri go..

  26. No.1 GUNNER says:

    Why does Wenger feel he can sell Fabregas for as much as £40m and thinks it’s crazy to buy a world class quality player worth the same amount? Arsenal may not really go down should both Nasri and Fabregas leave. But that is not good news for the gunners. Anyway as for Fabregas, he is as good as gone. But for Nasri, if he insists on leaving, let’s cash in on him. Wenger should spend money on quality replacements. Gervinho for Nasri. And maybe Thiago Alcantara for Fab. Then keep clichy. Get Samba and Cahill. And a quality goal keeper. Sack Dennilson and Bentner. Then we are really good to go. For next season. Trust me!

  27. Paulosis says:

    Why does Wenger feel he can sell Fabregas for as much as £40m and thinks it’s crazy to buy a world class quality player worth the same amount? Arsenal may not really go down should both Nasri and Fabregas leave. But that is not good news for the gunners. Anyway as for Fabregas, he is as good as gone. But for Nasri, if he insists on leaving, let’s cash in on him. Wenger should spend money on quality replacements. Gervinho for Nasri. And maybe Thiago Alcantara for Fab. Then keep clichy. Get Samba and Cahill. And a quality goal keeper. Sack Dennilson and Bentner. Then we are really good to go. For next season. Trust me!!

  28. TrueWisdom says:

    Sell them both. We can use the extra cash to get some loyal, talented players.

  29. Spanish Breakfast says:


  30. just-sholay says:

    Well,nothing good come easy but not by selling Nasri to Man u.Let Fab go and improve on Nasri’s deal.Gunners 4 life.

  31. Oladunjoye Taiwo says:

    Nothing is impossible. If they decide 2 leave, then let them leave & know d rests. Then we ‘ll go for other creative players. Nasri (though my favourite arsenal player) can’t just be overrating himself above others. In fact i’ve started loosing my interest in him.

  32. jean marie says:

    selling cesc 2 barca is;nt a bad thing if we can get alcantara in the deal but selling nasri to utd,the pill will be hard to swallow.

  33. George-Greece says:

    These two players don’ t fit in Arsenal…. Replace them with Parker, Fellaini, Matuidi

    and MAYBE Honda, Moussa Sissoko, Joey Barton

  34. eddie says:

    Hey people dont panic. These two kids were turned into stars by AW. They will not be the last to desert the club,nor will they be the last stars to be made at Arsenal. Two kids do not make a team and we won many battles without them last season! Life goes on, with or without them.

  35. uncle 'B' says:

    it’s a pity AW has decided to make our great club(Arsenal fc)a ‘trianing ground’ where every young good player is groomed to be a worldclass player before he sold like flamini,cole,henry,adebayor and so many others i can’t remember now.i;m just tired of the fabregas & nasri saga,i wish it’s not happening and maybe we win the champions league & premiership this season,then i will not care who wants to leave because then man.u fans will stop to insult me.

  36. lugo bro says:

    if nasri and fab go and wenger should go too

  37. ganiu olasunkanmi says:

    let fabregas go let nasri stay

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