Date: 28th June 2011 at 5:33pm
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Gael Clichy has been the subject of a move away from Arsenal this summer with Roma and Liverpool being linked with our left-back. As much as Liverpool may want to sell him, there is no way Wenger is going to sell to a rival team.

Clichy has one year remaining on his current deal and he is stalling in signing a new contract and thus the speculation that Arsenal may decide to sell him now before we lose him for free next summer.

But Arsene Wenger has now come out and said that he wants to keep Clichy.

“We have started talks with Gael and want him to stay,” said Wenger.

Now why would Wenger want Clichy to stay? It is simple, there is a shortage of quality left-backs out there. Just look at Liverpool, they do not have a single decent left-back and they can not find one. Left-backs are sch a rare commodity in the game today that Wenger wants to hold onto the one he has rather than sell him,, have cash from the sale, but not be able to go out and buy a replacement.

For now we need to focus on signing a central defender and we do not need the added headache of also looking for a new left-back. We have Gibbs in our squad who could come in and fill in at left-back but for me he is still a bit too inexperienced and he still needs to learn from a better left-back than him.


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  1. Ilyas rasheed rosicky says:

    Mr wenger better sell gael clichy b4 next summer soo dat u will make such amount on it.

  2. Tonia Reeves says:

    Mr. Wenger please keep Clichy…Kibbs is not as experience as Clichy!!!

  3. Stuart says:

    Clichy has been one of the most effective left backs in the EPL of recent years, his success rate in challenges is almost the highest and given more experience can only get better.

  4. River says:

    I think Clichy gets a raw deal by Arsenal fans, this may come from some high profile mistakes he has made however, at Arsenal Clichy does not get any help/ protection from whoever plays in front of him especially Arshavin. I think that because of this fact he does an excellent job for us and should be kept at Arsenal!

  5. hedgewire says:

    Why does Wenger want to keep Clichy? I dont know, I think his attitude has help in a position that needs fixing. get rid nows.

  6. TrueWisdom says:

    Sell the cunt

  7. antarchile says:

    Gibbs is made of glass

  8. Stuart says:

    some really informative and intelligent comments there.

    Here is the evidence in support of Clichy courtesy of the Guardian / OPTA.

    Tackles attempted and tackle success rate

    Reo-Coker 178 79.78%
    Mascherano 165 75.76%
    Malbranque 158 75.95%
    Muamba 156 76.28%
    Butt 151 71.52%
    Clichy 150 80.67%
    Warnock 130 76.92%
    McCann 117 65.81%
    Brown 116 81.03%
    Brown 112 68.75%

    The full report can be found here

  9. Stuart says:

    I could dig the rest of the stats out but you get the idea hopefully.

  10. chris says:

    Wenger wants to keep Clichy because he knows Clichy is a fast technically good footballer. Wenger does not recognise that Clichy is not very good at helping to stop the ball going into our net.

  11. Wannabe says:

    Who on earth is better than clichy, available, willing to come and cost under15M? He must be proven , and slot right inot playstyle and team. Give examples of players that match above criterias.

  12. Clichy suffered becos of no protectation from his second man. He is very intelligent in one on one markin. Keep him

  13. xx says:

    Clichy sleeps on the job. Gibbs is worse. buy samba and cahill, move vermaleun to left back. there is your solution

  14. Steve of Chiang Mai says:

    Clichy also suffered because of the lack of a defensive leader who would threaten to break his arm if he dint hold the defensive line…..there is something about the sense of an impending Adidas up the bum that can keep your mind on the job….

  15. Stuart says:

    Clichy also suffered as a result of having Arshavin in front to support in our 4-3-3 formation. Arshavin was never there in support.

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