Date: 14th June 2011 at 2:29pm
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Arsenal need to go out and buy a new striker or two this summer. With Bendtner saying that he wants to leave and with Chamakh having a poor debut season, the need for a partner for Van Persie is high. Let us not forget that Van Persie himself is always injured so it would be very silly if Wenger does not get a striker.

It is that that Lille striker, Gervinho is about to sign for Arsenal so we have not considered him in the 5 names that we have come up with that Wenger should look at. If Wenger can get any one of these names then it will be a great boost to the club which has been calling out for some spending this summer.

Since Henry left Arsenal, we have been struggling to find a player who can find the back of the net regularly. Without goals we can not win!

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  1. Rose Jonas says:

    I think Karim Benzema is the best and Wenger should fight in order to get him! Be serious Mr. Wenger coz we as fans we are so tired of the this empty situation.It’s a shame for big club like this!

  2. spyder says:

    I personally do not think that Chamakh has had a poor first season. He performed quite well in the first half of the season when Van Persie was not available and his form kind of deeped when he started sitting on the bench which is when Van P came back into the side. Obviously he did not play as well when he came in as a sub or in a couple of matches he started after his momentum had already been lost. looking at the bigger picture of what a debut season should be, I strongly believe he contributed more than many would do in a debut season. Its also worth noting that there is no real measure of success or failure for a football player, its all subjective and its with this in mind I am judging him to have been relatively successful but this is not to dispute that we need a more clinical striker to partner Van Persie !

  3. TrueWisdom says:

    Falcao please come to Arsenal

  4. Dr Ezeukwu Emmanuel says:


  5. said says:

    your are for look news players wenger boss arsenal menoy news players coming they are you would like are your good players i like a visitor from for arsenal to look at this summer

  6. Jossy says:

    wanger do something serious about his issue and make sure arsenal send back the bullets back tu man u.

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