Date: 13th June 2011 at 8:54am
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Last week talkSPORT reported that Arsenal had signed Gervinho from Lille but nothing official has been said about this deal yet. But this morning, L’Equipe is saying that Gervinho has given Arsene Wenger his word that he will sign for Arsenal.

Many clubs across Europe are trying to come in with a late bid for the Lille striker but if Gervinho has given his word to Wenger that he will sign for us then I will take it. Anything can happen in the transfer world of football but I remain positive that Arsenal have gotten their man.

However, Gervinho’s agent has not confirmed any deal being done with Arsenal yet.

Seb Boisseau (Gervinho’s agent) said: “It is difficult for me to discuss the situation because it is confidential, but it is true that many clubs in England have contacted us concerning the availability of Gervinho.”

“But we have not only spoken to clubs in England, but also Italy, Germany, Spain and France. The player wants to leave Lille and his priority is a move to England, however, it is difficult for me to speak about one club for the player. He wants to leave and has contacts with England and he is determined to play in the Premier League next season.”

“I do not know,” continued Boisseau. “For the moment he wants to think about Arsenal, Manchester City, and other clubs. It is difficult for me to comment, as you have good information and sometimes wrong information, but it is not good for me to comment, or for the clubs, or for Lille.

“For the moment it is confidential, and we will wait until Gervinho makes an agreement with one club.”

“I think a decision will be made regarding his future by the end of the week.”

So this whole issue of confidentiality could mean that he is talking about Gervinho giving his word to Wenger. Only time will tell. Stay tuned.


0 responses to “Gervinho has given Wenger his word that he will sign for Arsenal”

  1. Richard says:

    Personally, I am looking forward to the upcoming signing of Gervinho, who will hopefully enrich the squad of arsenal is good news, nevertheless, furder additions are necessary to… (benzema, at least one central defender, better two, maybe a left back)

  2. TrueWisdom says:

    I’m glad Gervinho will arrive at Arsenal. Now another great signing such as Falcao is what Arsenal needs.

  3. Manasseh says:

    Gervi you are welcome.

  4. Sulemana Mohammed Sadat says:

    I’m glad Nasir and Fabrigas are stayin.

  5. Cosmas says:

    We now need Falcao,G.Cahill & Samba.

  6. ewa jerome says:

    gervinho & falcoa u guys are welcome .

  7. Harmeed horlardayley says:

    Pls arsene wenger training 2 siging 4 strker

  8. Akinsowon ojuri says:

    Wenger plc sign us gaolkeeper and samba

  9. tadewos beyene says:

    Gervinho is a striker of quality

  10. edo okaro says:

    well, it’s true that gervinho has given wenger his words, it will be of bliss when we all get the info that gerinho decide and put pen to paper for arsenal fc. Also, will be happy to see fab and nasri to stay.

  11. emmanuel david says:

    i am glad to here gervinho will be coming to d emirate.what we need in d squad now, is samba,cahill,falcuo,benzema

  12. Anayo Nwokoye. says:

    Gervinho is top player than let arsenal go 4him nd it will add great value.

  13. We need more signins! Expirence once!

  14. Wenger should spend more dan any club!

  15. Idris adebayo says:

    We need quality players like g.cahill samba falcao l.suarez we need a great g.keeper gervinho u ha wellcome

  16. dennis says:

    We need such quality players,we have enough average players in our team

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