Date: 13th June 2011 at 8:18am
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According to reports in the Daily Mail, Arsenal chief Stan Kroenke has agreed to Nasri’s pay hike demands. Nasri has been continually linked with a move away from Arsenal this summer and reports earlier had suggested that he will leave if he does not get a pay hike and if Arsenal do not buy new top players.

Well the first of his demands seems to have been met. Nasri is said to have wanted £20,000-per-week more than the £90,000-per-week the club have offered, and Kroenke is happy to do that so that all this Nasri leaving talk comes to an end and Arsenal can focus on the second part on Nasri’s demands which is buying new players.

Do you agree with Kroenke’s stance of increasing Nasri’s wages?


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  1. shaibu moro says:

    I agree but this clealy shows that arsenal lack the likes of commitment in the team. how can nasri even suggest to go to man utd because of that fool evra’s comments.

  2. Papanoel says:

    I never knew Nasri is like this!

  3. oses90 says:

    Pay him the money

  4. tunde says:

    it good to keep our best weapon. Nastri sould be given wage increase. keep him. Do not let him leave oooooooooooooooooh. Mr kronke do something fast.

  5. Lateef alabi says:

    I agreed witi stan becos have 2 keep their star player and strengtin the squad also

  6. Seun agboola says:

    Nasri is greedy how could he think of swaping arsenal for our bigest rival?

  7. Augustus says:

    Yes pay him the money and let fabregas go please wenger do something

  8. Ogugua says:

    Thanks stan kroenke,Arsenal must players or you go,”i agree” but high wages is inproper but arsenal must acept it that way, to it keep our top players,but Nasri must remember that money is not all,we have something greater than silva or gold,dollar or pounds,because all this will come to an end but will this you have all.which’s ,” L O V E”we love u

  9. yoboszky says:

    several players lacks commitment 2 d club nd nasir or whether is name his,has shown dat.increasing his pay to me changes nothing.

  10. FAVOUR says:

    Pay him 100 per week.

  11. Philbet says:

    Speculation is spelt
    S P E C U L A T I O N

    Truth is spelt T R U T H

    Learn the difference before commenting !!

  12. geti says:

    well, give him what he wants then after he put his signature! Sell him with a better money! And bring hazard nd then like! We don’t need players like dat!!!

  13. Hebrahym says:

    Nasri should learn frm hleb and flamini both left arsenal bcos of trophiless season, if he want 2 go let him but if hes asking 4 increase in money give him bcos he is a fatanstic player. cesc, arsharvin, walcot, squilaci and almunia should b out

  14. Akinsowon ojuri says:

    Pls pay him d money ad buy fantanstic players plc ooooo gunners 4 life

  15. Garba TiTi Mangu says:

    Pay him the money and ad some experience to the team.

  16. OBINNA says:

    He is stupid & ungrateful.if u ask me i would have love to see him exit the club.we want players who are loyal to the club & not just those who play for the money.

  17. Ayeoribe kayode francis says:

    Nasri is a great player,he deserve it

  18. Akinsola Bashiru Adedoyin says:

    Nasri is a great footballer he deserve in increase of salary Mr kroenke plz do sumtin 2 let this young, blooded talented player to stay & sell out our unwanted players. E.g squillaci, fab & sum bench warmer there plz dnt sell Theo walcott he’s our future player lo o o o o o o o o o!

  19. drugJankie says:

    Let him leave he doesnt want to be at arsenal
    He wants to be at a team that can actually win trophies.

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