Date: 7th June 2011 at 4:43pm
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The fact that Nasri is refusing to sign a new contract as he seeks more money and reassurances that the club is going to buy better quality players this summer has left me with a soar taste in my mouth over the Frenchman thus I have decided to list 4 reasons why I think Nasri should leave Arsenal:

1) Nasri only really shone for half the season last term and the second half of the season he was an average player. If he is really as good as he says he is then why did he not shine for the whole season?

2) The fact that he has hinted that he may be interested in joining Manchester United does not sit well with me. Where does his loyalty lie? How can you want to join the enemy of all teams!

3) We do not need characters like him. Ashley Cole, William Gallas and Emmanuel Adebayor all took similar routes on their way out of Arsenal in recent times, and I think most football fans would agree these are characters that have shown themselves to be of the more unsavoury variety.

4) Why does he want a contract that pays him so much? Is he money hungry? He should know by now how tight Arsene Wenger is with cash and he will not give him a large salary no matter what. If you want money Nasri then go to Manchetser City.


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  1. Yisa solomon says:

    nasri is saying the right thing wenger should sign new players that we make impact in that club(THAT IS JOY OF TROPHIES IN THE CLUB)but don’t go nasri we love you.

  2. jayc says:

    if nasri insist on leaving,let him go…arsenal will remain arsenal with or without nasri.he is not the first to leave the club and probably not the last.

  3. USAGOONER says:

    What you don’t realize is that Wenger will not replace Nasri with anyone even close to his ability. We’re resigned to losing Fab, no reason to lose our 2nd most creative attacking mid. If Ferguson was selling a player like Nasri he’d be replaced with a better talent, I have no faith in Wenger to do the same.

  4. ibrahim says:

    samir nasri plz dont go we love you and we trust our aseni bro dont go

  5. Philbet says:

    You really have to calm down, recognise paper talk for what it is paper talk.So far no players have transferred in or out at any of the major clubs as they tend to respect a type of holiday hiatus,generally no deals are done in June. As this is a quite period for actual NEWS storys the media just pick up any old story spin it and regurgitate it to fill the paper. Nothing will be finalised while players and managers have there break and the real storys will emerge in July and August,ignore all newspaper piffle till then.

  6. keneee says:

    if he wish to go.let him go,but he should remeber dat he is not a true gunners player.

  7. Emmanuel says:

    Nasri please why do you want to leave your fans, don’t go we beg u all fans of Rwanda love u.

  8. areyourkunnume says:

    wen henry leave arsenal*reamail arsenal so if nasri want 2 go let him gooo.

  9. Nii oblie says:

    Arsene pls dnt let this guy go.

  10. Sesan jegede says:

    I want to urge winger to let nasri go if he really wants to leave. Bcos,there some players who are hungry 4 footbal action expectialy in d club like arsenal.Arsenal are only need 2 strong defenders,1 mdfer & 2 sharp strikers like Rvp. So,let winger go to team like stoke,sunland,everton,fulham etc & get strong defenders + 1 gud goal keeper.

  11. Auwal says:

    We need experience players like parker.samba. harzerd etc

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