Date: 4th June 2011 at 9:00am
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Many people expect Cesc Fabregas to leave Arsenal this summer and go join Barcelona or Real Madrid. Paul Merson thinks that Cesc is certainly on his way out of The Emirates but he warns him that it may be the wrong move for him.

Merson said, “I’d be surprised if he was at Arsenal next season.

“I can understand why he wants to go but at the same time you’d like his agent or people round him to sit down and say, ‘You’re a young lad, you want to be playing football’.

“There’s nothing worse than training Monday to Friday then sitting on the bench on Saturday.

“It’s all about playing Saturday afternoon or Sunday. I don’t think another year at Arsenal would hurt him.”

I agree 100% with Merson on this one and I thought that this was the reason Cesc decided to stay at Arsenal last season as he knew he would find it hard to be a starter in that Barcelona team. Just look at Mascherano who left Liverpool where he was guaranteed to start and he goes to Barcelona where he is sitting on the bench.

For Cesc he would be leaving a team where he is captain and going to be Xavi and Iniesta’s deputy!


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  1. emana says:

    As a Spanish born and a good player he can play with any team.It is just a matter of hard work.Being the captain of Arsenal one of the best teams in the world,he can not be degraded to the level of a bench seater in Barcelona.Please stop degrading Arsenal with you request for him to stay.

  2. olusola says:

    csc is my man and i love him so mush but if is reddy 2 leve wengar show free him but 1 thing is sarten he never ben givin captan band die.i wan’t fabregas show think deep 4 he can take eny disition.

  3. Ayeoribe kayode francis says:

    Fabregas should think deeply before making any decision, remember, all of is brothers are in the midfield so they can bench xavi or iniesta for fabregas that is the truth, macherano is playing 4, cus of sergio bousquet nw macherano is playing toward defence.

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