Date: 3rd June 2011 at 10:40am
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Robin Van Persie has it out and Spanish teams and Chelsea as he is not impressed with the way they gather around the referee and force him to make a decision to book or send off a player. This is a huge problem in the game today and Robin is right, players should just leave the referee alone and get on with the game. Just look at what happens in Rugby Union, when the ref makes a decision only the captain can go and question the refs call.

Van Persie said in March: ‘Barcelona’s players have the habit of whinging about everything. In England, Chelsea’s players behave in the same way.’

And he told Dutch TV: ‘They [Spain players] always go up to referees in an attempt to get an opponent booked. They are trying to screw colleagues.

‘That kind of behaviour really annoys me. If you want to witness a lot of complaints, you should just go the bakery or something. There’s always people nagging there as well.

‘Chelsea players are always bitching against the referees. Just shut the f*** up and focus on playing football.’


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