Date: 1st June 2011 at 4:41pm
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The news many of us Arsenal fans want to hear is the arrival of new big name signings this summer as that is clearly what we need if we are to push for titles next season. I am sick and tired of hearing us being linked and signing 14 year-olds as we have tried and tested this policy of signing young players and it is not giving us results yet.

I was just at and I was reading that Arsenal are on the verge of signing 15-year-old Kristoffer Olsson according to reports in Sweden.

Now, no disrespect to the young lad, I am sure he is really talented at 15 but we need 25 year old star players right now at Arsenal. It is all well and fine to focus on our youth system which we have been doing for years but we need to focus on getting ready made players now.


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  1. Daniel Marino says:

    Arsenal needs a formidable striker and a formidable defense. We do not mind for the development of youngesters. Then we will be soon like Barca. At this time, we need to be atleast par with Barcelona…. but must include a very good striker and a very good defense.

  2. AndreK says:

    This guy came over for a trial in jan/feb and signed about 2 months ago and has played 5 games. So dont make out like this is Wenger’s first signing following our demise. We need experience, which no one will argue with, but we still need to bring in youngsters as a load of academy players who arent good enough will be getting released.

    Try reading and you will see he was being looked at when we were going for the quadruple and life was rosie

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