Date: 1st June 2011 at 3:40pm
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I have just been reading an exclusive interview by with Theirry Henry. It bought back a lot of memories to me about the glory days when we were invincible and having the likes of Henry scoring goals for fun and winning us games. We have come a long way now, 6 years without a trophy is very painful after we were used to so much success. What I would give to have an inform Theirry Henry back at Arsenal.

In the interview Henry pointed out that although we as the fans are frustrated, he does not think that it is a good idea that Arsenal sack Wenger and get in a new manager.

“But we have to help and believe in that team. They had the potential to win this season, they’ve always been so close to winning but sometimes fall short. I think the team can do it and I hope that the boss [Wenger] stays because he is a very important person right there for that organisation.” said Henry.

I know a lot of fans want Wenger to go but would it be wise? Who do we bring in if we do sack him? Or how long do we keep him for if we decide for him to stay? Some tough questions there, please share your views and thoughts with us.