Date: 3rd January 2011 at 11:05am
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I would like to say that I am really disgusted by some of the comments made on about Arsene Wenger. I am a die hard Arsenal fan and whilst I do not fully agree with some of the decisions Wenger makes, there is no need for people to be saying the harsh and frankly unfounded comments they have made.

We haven’t won a trophy in 5 years, it does hurt. Would it be nice? Of course but that will come. I have faith in that. This man has changed the way Arsenal is as a club today. He has had his run ins and mistakes this season but 99 percent of the time he has delivered. As for being gracious in defeat, I think most of the teams that beat us were just lucky, example Newcastle but some really fought to the end and deserved what they got. I am not one of those fans that only see black and white, I truly believe we have some problems defensively, something which I’m sure will be addressed on the training pitch. In my opinion there are problems in that department as a fan I admit that but we are still one of the best teams, infact the best team in the league. Even after we dropped points at Wigan we bounced back with a good thumping of Birmingham and i see a lot of hope in my team. Walcott is inspired and I think given the right chances he could be exceptional. Jack Wilshire is so gifted on the ball and I cannot say enough about the Nasri-Fabregas partnership. So Wenger isn’t splashing the cash in january,is it fair? Yeah it is who am I to say how much a team has or is willing to spend? However when people are insulting our players, its when i have something to say. Most of Arsenal players have come from the youth academy setup to become the players they are today. That is where Wenger shines as a manager. We don’t feel the need to spend ridiculous money when we can nuture great talent.

Yes we have spent some money, Arshavin was 15 million pounds or so. Vermaelen and Koscielny were 8 million or so. The money is available to Wenger and if I’m honest with myself, I hope he signs one center half and a left back this January, it would strengthen the squad we already have in place. That’s all for now until we face manchty at the Emirates. By the way u can follow me on twitter @luchthegooner or facebook at kevin ‘luch’ walubi.


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  1. Steve of Chiang Mai says:

    Good post. I have been staggered by some of the ludicrous vitriol over Wengers rotation policy. These guys think because “their players” they “manage” on FIFA can play 430 times a day Arsenal’s players should be able to play 4 games in 11 days, 2 of which are against stiff top 5 opponents and the other 2 against big tough plodders who’s primary tactic is kicking the crap out of our players.

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