Date: 2nd January 2011 at 12:45am
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All to say is Birmingham is a shit hole. The team is dirty, they stay down and moan when we do it, all the fans ever do is complain making it a hard game for the ref.- who was crap. No real match report cos I couldn’t see well. We had 3 fk’s in the first 10mins, scored one. They then missed a sitter, before we controlled the game. Second half we just took the piss out of them. Wilshere missed nearly the exact same sitter the Brummys had missed, but soon after we scored a well worked goal, which Nasri slotted in. Then a few minutes later Fab hit a ball in the box only for some tosser to put it in his own net, gibing us victory. We should have scored so many more but really just showed off our passing on the edge of the box.

Team Ratings

(Probably crap cos I had a shit view at the game)

Fabianski 7.5– A few good saves and interceptions. Best being free kick save.

Clichy 7- Good defensively! Covered well and abut also posed a threat down the wing. Yet again didn’t stop running.

Djourou 7.5- dominated our defence today. Made sure Birmingham’s tall team didn’t pose much of a threat

Koscielny 7- Good tackles throughout the game, stopped a lot of shots developing

Sagna 6.5- Nothing happened on his side due to great defending? Or Birmingham were shit but he had an excellent work rate and put in some dangerous looking crosses.

Song 8– Good all over the pitch and broke up a lot of moves

Wilshere 7.5– was everywhere on the pitch. Should have scored, but demonstrated his consistence and his strength

Fabregas 8.5- All over the pitch today and some great passes. Maybe should have shot more, and the only was Birmingham could deal with him was to hack him down

Nasri 8.5 MOTM- Great technical ability up both up ends. Scored a well worked team goal and was close to getting at least another one. Was also involved in a lot of good play today.

Theo 7- A few good runs today, looked more dangerous than normal and adding an edge to our team. However his shooting was bad, and nothing really materialised from his runs.

RVP 8– played 90 minutes very well. Some great touches, turns and passes. Scored the freekick and was also involved in the majority of Arsenals attacks.

SUBS: Arshavin 6, Denilson n/a. Both didn’t have much of a game, but Arsh had a banging shot saved, and actually ran for the ball!

Things to take out of the Game: WOW, we kept a clean sheet. Fabianski is actually a decent goalie. Wilshere is quality and will get so much better over time. Fabregas is coming back to his best, and tore holes in Birmingham today. Songs on top form and those who say we need a defensive mid need to shut up. Nasri is the best wide player in the league after another great performance. RVP made a full 90 odd minutes, and looked well good. Should be more to come frim him. Good performance from us, and the brummies looked dyer. They barely had a good shot on goal except for a freekick outside of the box.

If we can beat Man City on Wednesday night, we will be in a great spot, and I think we can go on to win the league!

Till then.