Date: 1st January 2011 at 4:28am
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As 2010 comes to a close we look back over the year, and it hasnt been such a good one. There have been many bad moments, false hope and doubts from the fans, but then again theres what do you expect from arsenal. On the other hand theres been great performances, a few great goals and we’ve come close to showing our full potential. Whats to follow in this post is an award like ceremony of a few categories.. Tell me your award winners in the comments section:

Best Player:

Samir Nasri– Carried us through when we had so many injuries by scoring so many good goals. If it wasn’t for  his brilliance we would have lost a lot of points, for example Fulham.

Most Improved Player:

Alex Song– many doubters at the start of the 09/10 season, but shut them all up after a very good season, and his carried his fine form over to this one. I would say his our unsung hero, a crucial part of our fragile team, and when u look at it whenever he didn’t play we got bad results. Maybe im over acting a bit, but Song is defiantly a crucial man in our team and has vastly improved (from virtually a nobody into a key man) in the space of half a season. Also very close- Gibbs, but too inconsistent, and Wilshere.

Best Prospect for Future:

Jack Wilshere- already a very good, consistent English man at arsenal. Cemented his place in the first team and his only 18! SO much more to come from the man, but even if he didn’t improve any more he would still have a place at Arsenal.

Best Game to be At:

Man City 3-0 Away- GREAT atmosphere, great performance, tense the whole way through and no one really expected us to achieve much. After Fab missed the penalty everyone thought we would blow it, but super goals from Song and Bendtner made the away fans go mental. And best of all we beat the SCUMMY(er) manks.

Most Surprising Game:

Chelsea 3-1 Home- All the press and most people in general had written us off for this game, and nobody would shut up about our poor record against Chelsea over the last few seasons. However a super Alex Song goal on half time, and then 2 goals within 10 minutes of the restart shocked nearly everyone across the country- and the world! After Chelsea scored one, we thought we would blow it, but no we actually held on to a lead! Great performance to shut up the anti arsenal press this country drags along.

Greatest Moment:

Chelsea 3-1- Theos goal. The shock of us being 3-0 up ! So much laughing and smiling around the ground. These moments are unbeatable. Also with mentions: Fabregas staying in the summer and Eduardo’s consolation goal in the 5-1 belting of Shaktar.

Worse Player:

Denilson– consistently bad. Almunia and Kos close contenders, but both have there good games, while Denilson may have had one at the very most. Doesn’t actually do anything.

Worse Game To Be At:

Wigan 3-2 Away. 5 hours there, 5 hours back. Bad traffic. No atmosphere. Place is a shit hole. Easy looking game. Blew it. Let in THREE against a shite Wigan team. Ended our title hopes.

Both the Yids game was also pretty bad: 2-1 at shite hart lane cos of a now unheard wanker scored a wonder goal, and outside the stadium after the game they were celebrating like they’d won the league.

3-2 the other one, 2-0 up, blew it again. Could have gone top. 2-0 half time, cruising. Bale. Van der Vaart.

Worse Moment:

Kaboul Goal. 3-2 Yids.

Most Disappointing Player:

Arshavin. The little russian doesn’t work hard at all, yet still scores and gets handfuls of assists. He has so much potential to be a match winner every week for us, but he never tries! Its so annoying to watch because he can be so much better if he could be bothered to put the effort in. You can’t even take him out the team just in case he does pull off a wonder goal! Also in contention: Clichy and Rosicky.

Most Annoying Player not at Arsenal:

BALE. Over rated, annoying cunt, already scored 3 goals against arsenal. The sooner he goes to a big European club the better, or just dies, leaving Tottenham with no money for him. You can’t deny his talent, but the way the press rave on about him gets to ya. Also worth a mention: Evra, Drogba, Ashely Cole, Nani, Van der Vaart, Fletcher, Shawcross and N’zogbia.

Overall been a roller coaster year. Negative outweigh positives, but still a lot of potential. Five points off the top of league, Semi final of Carling cup against an easy team, Fa cup 3rd round against an easy team, and a titan clash in europe. This year might be the one. Fair to say we wont win the Champions League, and realistically cant see us win the league due to our inconsistent-ness, but still should go for it. Very good chance at league cup, and we should give Fa cup our all. Winning the 2 domestic cups would be a good season, and stepping stone to greater wonders!

Please leave your thoughts below. Till next time