Is Wenger Nearing Arsenal Exit?

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Arsène Wenger has prompted rumours he may leave Arsenal when his managerial contract ends in 2017.

The manager talked at a shareholders meeting on Thursday about wanting to see out his contract bringing back success to the club and leaving a legacy for the person who follows him.

He told the yearly general meeting: “I am resolute and absolutely committed until the last day of my contract to bringing big success back to this club,

“(I am committed) as well to leaving the club in a position where it can do even better when I leave. That is very important to me that I leave the club in the shape that (means) the guy who comes after me can do better.

“Looking back, I am proud we have won titles (three-time Premier League champions) and FA Cups (six) but the first quality of a club is to be consistent.

Wenger also defended Arsenal’s record in the Champions League, while also acknowledging the disappointment of defeats in the latest campaign, expressing: “We’ve had 18 consecutive years in the Champions League. Only one club – Real Madrid – has done better. I can understand that is not enough. I am the first person to agree that it is not enough.

“The performances (against Monaco, Olympiakos and the rest) were not good enough.

“But we have played more than 150 games in Europe. If you look at the percentages of games won in Europe, you will see Arsenal are in the top five.”

Reports suggest it was a stormy meeting, with complaints about the lack of signings this summer despite the amount of cash reserves at Arsenal.

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