Date: 27th November 2013 at 10:08am
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Arsenal came out 2-0 winners against Marseille on Tuesday night. Although the Gunners won, one sour moment in the game was Mesut Ozil’s penalty miss.

Arsene Wenger has spoken out about that miss and says that the German star’s run up was too short.

Wenger said: “Everyone can miss a penalty.

“His run up to the ball was short, but that’s the way he takes them.”

Wenger went on to say that maybe Ozil’s miss would be good for England as they always seem to get beaten by Germany when it comes down to a penalty shootout. Wenger joked, “That’s good news for England maybe.”

Ozil has received some stick from Arsenal fans over the last couple of weeks and this penalty miss will help fuel their concerns about the £42.5million star. But such criticism is unwarranted as Ozil is a star player for us and all great players, even Messi or Ronaldo go through periods when they are not playing well. So for all the fans getting onto Ozil’s back, you are wasting your time!


0 responses to “Wenger blasts Ozil for penalty miss”

  1. Philbet says:

    I like a nice accurate title…….sigh……

  2. Indian Gooner says:

    Bro…Unecessary tag line used…FYI…Wenger has never publicly reprimanded any player in his tenure

  3. dave says:

    It was a bad miss. I have never understood these short run ups for penalties. I hope Ozils confidence is not knocked by this miss

  4. Zak G says:

    Ozil needs to start playing better. Its winter now and the toughest period for foreign players new to the epl. Make or break time for him to see how good he really is.

    Striker needed in jan please Arsense.

  5. It was a badly taken penalty no doubt.but i never heard Wenger publicly blast a player,he isnt Jose’ u knw.*change ur title*.

  6. Antique Gunmen says:

    I’m surprise it wasn’t Giroud who took it. Ozil did miss the penalty but his 92% successfull passed and an assist to Jack’s goal, made the word “poor” was meaningless.

  7. chris says:

    Ozil seems to love being at The Arsenal. And we love him being here. But he has been finding out how difficult the EPL is. And we are seeing why R.M. decided to sell him to raise cash – rather than one of the other stars. He is never a ball winner and doesn’t always get it brilliantly right going forward. In fact … is he playing better than 2 or 3 other mid fielders ?

  8. Andy says:

    Get off his back for Christ sake teams are doubling up on him which makes it difficult for him but easier for the other players around him. were top of the league with him but lost heavy to villa at home without him FACT

  9. Trolling 101 says:

    Journalism these days… I guess you’ve achieved your main target with such a misquoted headline.

  10. Solomon c onah says:

    Yeah,ozil miss penalty we knw,no plyer is 100% durin Penalty,dats a mistke becos even messi nd c.ronaldo himsf do mis pnlty so let’s b patienc 4 ozil he z a gd plyr evryone knws.

  11. Grant Kambaya says:

    Sorry, I didnt get the content of this article. The question is, does the writer understands the game of football? Look Ozil is a top top top world class player, missing a penalty doesnt make u an average player. Who ve not missed penalty? Ronaldo, Messi the list goes on on and on. Ozil has a unique quility and to me its Ramsey and Ozil that makes difference so far for Arsenal, get out of Ozil……… Most teams are focusing much on Ozil which gives freedom to other players, did u watch Napoi, Stoke City? Even yesterday, it was Ozil who brought winning to Arsenal. Tell me, who can give a chance for his team mates like Ozil did yesterday to Wilshere while he is in goal scoring position? There are few players like Ozil in the world that puts success of a club in heart before their success. Ozil has just joined epl and he is doing well. Where are the likes of other top players who have moved before him in epl this season? Guyz give Ozil break.

  12. Norbet says:

    What a mischievous headline! Wenger only joked about it. And by the way, have you ever heard Wenger criticize a player publicly?

  13. Jay says:

    For me, Ozil did the right thing *missing the penalty* because arsenal don’t cheat to win matches. That wasn’t a penalty and no one seems to care! Ozil remains the star maker! He makes everyone with the gunners logo a super star! His a top top top class player!

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