Date: 31st October 2013 at 9:07am
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Andrey Arshavin has taken a digg at Arsenal fans and I know this will not go down well with us at all. I am livid by his comments!

The Russian striker who left Arsenal for Zenit St Petersburg, told The Sun: “It felt like the crowd was at the theatre – good seats, expensive tickets and they wanted to see a show, not to support the team.

“It was like there was no advantage in playing at home.

“Many of the players – the leaders that were left from the club’s time at Highbury – often complained that the atmosphere in the stands was so bad.”

Where does Arshavin come off by saying this? I feel it is sour grapes coming from him as he looks back at his time at Arsenal and realises that he was not good enough to remain at the club and build a never for himself in Arsenal history.

One thing we can agree with is that the tickets are expensive to watch Arsenal games but surely you can not compare the atmosphere to ‘going to a theatre’. We may not be the loudest fans but we do support our team 100%!


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  1. robbogoon says:

    Hw was saying the truth our home support was pathetic since arriving at the Emirates. Our away support some of the best in the league. Anyone who claims we had good home support is a liar. Outspoken but often correct AA love him or hate him.

  2. thatflygooner says:

    He’s got a point only at the north London derby and this season has it been great. I put it down to the struggle to compete in recent
    recent years. Still we need to make and keep it a fortress, it’s up to us fans.

  3. Moses Kiplagat says:

    Very true our stadium is as quiet as a library at times but this is not the fans fault, I blame our beautiful football that arsenal play that fans just want to watch without noise distracting. remember in 2007 even the bars where we watched football was not noisy just waiting with bated breadth as hleb, fabregas and co passed around the ball before putting that inch perfect pass and boom Goal! !! and we’d now make noise

  4. immaculate says:

    What he said is totally correct.The recent Dortmund and Chelsea man is a pointer. The fans support leaves much to be desired

  5. tjay says:

    He is saying the gospel truth and of course U are angy because the truth is bitter. Dortmund’s fans “out sang” us, Chelsea fans did the same. Infact all away fans were louder than us. Like him or hate him, he just said the obvious.

  6. wawa says:

    He is 100% right. We certainly don’t create an intimidating atmosphere for our rivals. On Tuesday you could hear the Chelsea fans chanting, “Jose Mourinho” quite louder than our own supporters. Even the Dortmund game comes into mind.

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