Date: 1st September 2011 at 6:21pm
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With the transfer window now closed, Arsene Wenger can now look ahead to using his new signings and forget about the poor start to the season we have had. I would like to think that our season starts now.
Looking at the signings and sales we have made this summer, we will start to look at what Wenger has at his disposal and how he will play them.

Szczesny is our number one goalkeeper and I do not see him missing out on that spot. Our back four will now be easy to pick if everyone is fit: Sagna will be our right-back with our new Brazilian signing Santos at left-back. In the middle we will have Vermaelen and Per Mertesacker. That is a central defence pairing that is set to scare a lot of opposition strikers once they get working together as a team.

In midfield is where we have a lot of options to pick from now, all depending on what formation Wenger wants to use. For this purpose I will go for us using a 4-3-3 formation. Alex Song will be the enforcer in midfield with Wilshere and Arteta just in-front of him.

The attacking three will be spearheaded by Robin van Persie with Gervinho and Benayoun on either side of him. Depending on the opposition, we could bring in Walcott in place of Benayoun. The nice thing is we now have options on the bench as the likes of Ramsey and Frimpong will be on the bench. As we have let Bendtner go now, we bought in Park who in my opinion could start upfront with van Persie if we opt to play a 4-4-2. The important thing is that our defence now looks solid and we are a team capable of challenging on all fronts again.

We could easily have a bench which has: Fabianski, Ramsey, Walcott, Park, Gibbs, Arshavin and Koscielny. Now that is quality!


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  1. Sonny says:

    Where is Rosicky? Are you forgoting him?

  2. Kobena Annan-Badwe says:

    Although, Rosicky is good he can be on the bench and change things when the going gets tough. Having good players on the bench can help Arsene to decide on his tactics. Arsenal still the GUNNERS.

  3. Gooner82 says:

    What about Ryo M, he is as fast as Theo and quick feet with tricks & Wenger must have plans in the first 11 as he obtained a Special quality visa thingy 4 him. I myself am very much looking forward 2 his first start!!

  4. zekeh says:


  5. arjun_gunner says:

    strong team…strong bench….well done wenger…well done arsenal

  6. superbonyx says:

    i’m happy now that we have the strongest back 4 and good attacking force 4 get about Na$ri now

  7. Erick Kombo says:

    You pple forget about Alex Oxlade Chamberlain he is an option in the team too,remember he worth 15m pound!

  8. OnDGooner says:

    To sum it all up, where do Rosicky, Alex-Oxlade, Ryo & Chamakh fit in? I hope Wenger is not planning on using them for cup matches as these guys will not be happy and unhappy players make an unhappy team!!!!

  9. Akin Akanji says:

    Congratulations to all gooners all over the globe! AWenger can now fight for trophy without collapsing with the new signings.

  10. OnDGooner says:

    To sum it all up, where do Rosicky, Alex-Oxlade, Jenkinson, Ryo & Chamakh fit in? I hope Wenger is not planning on using them for cup matches as these guys will not be happy and unhappy players make an unhappy team!!!!

  11. T2T says:

    We can now rotate and introduce 1-2 young, untried players instead of 8-9…

    The question is however, what will this do to the opportunities for Coquelin, Afobe, etc. 2-3 years ago, AW basically had 2 teams; CC and EPL. Will he go back to that and have 7-10 youngsters + Squillaci for the CC, play the strongest team possible for EPL and CL and mix it for FA?

  12. Subomi says:

    He will definately use them as the most preferred starting players will not every match giving other oppurtunity to start,

  13. sam says:

    still need to buy in january. good news gary cahill turned down tottenham in the last minute. hopefully we could sign him plus one more midfielder and striker as chamakh will leave in january for the african cup.
    i am saying this because manchester teams are oacked up with players to fight on all 4, we can do also do it with out bargain buys.
    personally i believe that players who refused to sign for us because they believe we are a collapsed team should forget about wearing arsenal shirt. ie eden hazard,m’vila etc…. yoann gourcuff maybe. spending 30 millions on hazard alone would have been ridiculous and a further 22 millions for m’vila. yes, wilshere can step up under the leadership of arteta in a year.frimpong will also save us money for m’vila maybe we can spend that on a goalscorer in january.
    neymar anyone?

  14. asdf says:

    i think arteta can change places with ramsey in my opinion ramsey can be better than arteta can be much better and can reach the likes of fabregas and xavi too

  15. Youssef says:

    The fact that you are forgetting players means that the bench is very strong…
    I just want to know all those who were moaning how they feel now !!!
    Oh, I forgot, They are still moaning LOL

  16. mak says:

    Many of you are forgetting that we often have loads of injuries and now have what we have always cried for…. STRENGTH IN DEPTH! Everyone will get a run in the squad. AFC

  17. Joe says:

    Thumbs up 2 wenger, 2 all gunnerz keep the faith

  18. John kagwanja says:

    i think Wenger will start a rotation system to ensure everyone gets a chance.the bulk of players is good coz everybody will have to prove themselves.

  19. kc says:

    We needed depth and we got it. Didn’t get the ‘Super Quality’ to replace Cesc, but we filled some holes that have needed filling for years. Finally a solid back 4 with proper subs to counter injuries. We have 4 different trophies to play for so we needed the number of players brought in.

  20. ABBEY says:

    This is the kind of player i want to see in the red shirt. Player who is willing to take paycut just to wear arsenal jersey.

  21. Oladiplenty says:

    Wenger u’re wonderful.but thanks a lot to united for beaten arsenal 8-2,if not for that wenger wouldn’t have made any changes and feels is kids are good but now there is now competition in arsenal u have to fight hard 4 ur place in team.carling cup team-fabianski,jekinson,miquel,djourou,gibbs,ramsey,alex-oxlade,miyachi,coquilin,park,chamark.epl and champions league team-sczeney,sagna,per,vermalean,santos,arteta,wilshere,song,gervinho,robin,benayoun/walcott.f.a cup team-mannone,sagna,koscienly,djourou,gibbs,rosicky,ramsey,diaby,benayoun,chamark,park.opponents would be afraid of the new arsenal team.fabregas me miss u but dont worry we’ve refilled ur space with ur countryman.nasri go to hell.up gunners.a.k.a junior wenger.gunners till i die

  22. ABBEY says:

    not some selfish opportunist player who see the see the club as a stepping stone toward greener pasture where they can be paid some ridiculous wages. (NASRI)

  23. Neurosurgeon says:

    Wht a pleasant momnt 4 gnnrs! A transition 4rm worst 2 best, i now blive tht Wenger is a prof. Soon we r gonna award him with professorship in cardiology as he’s now transplanted a new heart 4 Arsenal. Immunological test was carried out betwn us n barcelona n it was found tht there is no rejection as a result of antigen-antibody rexn so nw w r gonna share same heart. Meaning tht we cn compete at any level…….haha so funny isnt it? This jst bcos i wnt join d gunnrs medical team when i graduate. Gunners till ma final heartbeat!!!

  24. cesc says:

    great article.totally agree with you about defence midfield & attack.
    think there is a lot of pressure on chesney hope he can take it.
    as for rosko.he’s lazy, timid and offers nothing to our game.

  25. ABBEY says:

    player who dosenot want to join arsenal should stay we dont need them.

  26. Up gunners,pls wat i want to tel wenge is that he shld nt keep benching chamak pls dat guy is a gud player,he can deliver nd rosicky plz may God guide arsenal through to da trophy

  27. sulleman says:

    now nwe can match arsenal ladies

  28. Neal says:

    Benayoun ahead of Walcott? Really??

  29. Joeboy says:

    I will always remain indebted to sir alex and his team for dat 8-2 drubbing,or else,AW wouldnt have bought anybody.Now d arsenal ladies will know dat we are truly the ‘head of the family’.This team is d team i can proudly call mine.up gunaz.

  30. Sub says:

    Start of a new gunner era… Arsenal mk IV if u like (or is it V?). For me the most pleasing aspect of this new crop is that we have the players to fit any system and i hope AW will adapt his formations to suit the challenge rather than stick ridgedly to a 433 variation.

    I don’t see JuPark starting with vPersie tho as they both seem to drop into the creative hole between striker and AM. Park looks to have fantastic vision and technical ability from what ive seen of him so i imagine he’ll be a deputy to vPersie, or play as a wide forward in the 433.

    Personally id like to see Walcott up top as a striker running behind the defensive line and using vPersie or Park in the Bergkamp role in a 442. Gerv + Benny/OC on the wings with a centre pair of Song + Wilshere/Arteta.

    We have strength in depth and as Arsenal fans we all know how much our full squad is needed thoughout the whole season. Hoping for a 3rd place pushing 2nd. UTA

  31. kassim muyiwa says:

    rosicky must b included in d starting line up,is a good creative mi fielder

  32. abelsunshine says:

    pls i will wenger 2 use rosiky n arteta at d same song time bcoz i believe in welcott n van perse,

  33. T2T says:

    Let´s compare The Invincibles with today´s team;
    Szczesny= Lehmann
    Sagna = Lauren
    Mertesacker = Campbell
    Vermaelen = Toure
    Santos = Cole
    Ramsey = Ljungberg
    Song = Vieira
    Wilshere = Gilberto
    Gervinho = Pires
    van Persie = Bergkamp
    Walcott = Henry
    Not a bad team or squad but ….

  34. frank says:

    Theo will start every game he is fit for, yossi is only going to fight for arshavins place on the bench!! Very surprised that only one person mentioned diaby, who is technically and physically the closest we have to a vieria type player who I think wenger has pencil’d in as a starter as soon as he returns from his most recent injury!! Would be a top player but for his injury soon as he’s fully fit we’ll revert back to 4-5-1..have to credit andres villas boas for letting a proven attacking midfielder join a title rival, and we can now say that we are title contenders!! See yes we dropped 8 points already but 6 of those would have be normal most seasons, I think the difference now is we have a squad thathat can beat the lower teams like wigan and wba where we’ve dropped points in past season, roll on swansea be 1st time in 3 years that arsenal will have 11 players on the pitch..with cesc,arshavin and denilson playing at times it seemed like we were down to 10 or 9 at times

  35. Stanley08 says:

    On Point!!!!

  36. big10 says:

    nasri must want to come back already. hahahahaha

  37. allan o says:

    we still need back up at right back and left back positions and a further back up for song. if we had that squad before the fateful 28th August we surely would have beaten man u. sometime in second half we were 3-2 with an opportunity to be at 3-3 when arshavin missed that sitter. the midfield also collapsed when coquelin was substituted with chamberlain.

  38. Michael N.(Real estate agent in Nigeria-08027554284) says:

    Wenger,U’re the best…..

  39. afeez says:

    i will like wenger 2 start frimpong , miyaichi bcos dey have no d parter of arsenal, d shu banch park, benayour chamberlain d shu start arteta, wilshere, song at milfield strike vp . Gerviho, walcolt

  40. Chima says:

    Wenger u have tried bt give all players equal right 2 play 4 them 2 fight 4 shirt.2 me when u look at arsenal defence,d best defender we have is kocienly.pls wenger he should b in d starting 11.and also wenger shud stop benching chamackh he is a good player.arsenal till infinity

  41. Oryem Wilson says:

    With all the already written comments and my thinking personally arsenal have all what strong teams has so it will give arsenal chance to knock nets without favour or to give back to Man U what they have given us, thanks.

  42. yoyo says:

    Now Arsene Wenger got many key players and what i like about the players he got is their ages two players 26 (mertesacker and Park Chu Young), 28 (Santos), 29 (Arteta) and 31 (benayoun), the goos thing is they have experience so they will help us a about 2-3 seasons, and since they will be too old in 3 years (except for Park and Mertesacker), the youngsters won’t be youngsters any more and they will be better players (as long as they don’t leave Arsenal) and we will see the likes of Ramsay, Alex Olawaide and Ryo Miyaichi, Gibbs, Jenkinson stepping up. I also hope that Arsene Wenger didn’t forget about 3 players on loan (Denilson, Bendtner and Vela) as they are amazing players with lots of potential

  43. dolly says:


  44. yoyo says:

    Nobody has forgotten Diaby dolly, the problem is although he is a very skillful player, I just think that Denilson, Ramsay and Wilshere have much more potential than Diaby however I beleive Diaby is a very good sub and a very good player to play in the other tournaments like the FA cup etc.

  45. jack says:

    im liking the look of this team and i think we have the best back 4 in the leage for sure and i think we have a really good chance of winning silver were this season

  46. jack says:

    omg!!! what a bench to, im facey the gunnez to maybe win the premir L

  47. nickoy says:

    we need a steady back four, steady keeper and some goal scorer,thats all we need

  48. viniel deredza says:

    Think thus a bit refreshing,,at least if we hev injuries to V5, or Per,, Kosci will cover up,, maybe Squirrel and Juru can start workin harder,, or at most we can Kip J.J n let this French/Silvestre/ Camphell find some Ligue 2 team to play for…Gibbs cover for Santo,, Jenkins for Sagna.Upfront, we now hev a hardworkin man from Korea,, Skills of Gerva n Arss Havi” pliz work hard,, this tym around,,,Anzhi made an enquiry remember,,At least u wont hev trouble flyin bek to Russia fo your hair cut..Wenger,, no more silly excusses,, we don hev a young team anymore….GUNNER FOR LIFE….Top four easy like that

  49. Asiedu says:

    Its aba time we consider an alternate to wenger

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