Date: 24th August 2011 at 5:04pm
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Samir Nasri has finally left Arsenal and now life can move on without him. Arsene Wenger has now told us why Nasri left Arsenal, Wenger says it was because of “psychological and financial reasons”.

“Samir trained on Tuesday morning,” said Wenger on “But I knew before training. He didn’t know, the decision was made this morning just before training. He came in to practice.

“I don’t question Samir Nasri’s commitment or professionalism. If I told him ‘you come with us and play’, he would have played like he did on Saturday but you wonder what kind of a commitment you can have.

“Football rules are made like that, that the player can be worth a lot of money today and nothing in six months so it doesn’t look completely logical but, at the end of the day, of course, we are forced into a decision like that for psychological and financial reasons.

“I am a realist so I have no illusions. It’s part of the modern life of a professional football player. It’s not that by coincidence that everybody suddenly lands at Man City.

“We did not want to lose Fabregas, but we were forced into a situation we didn’t want. Nasri is a situation where the player didn’t want to extend his contract with the proposals he had somewhere else. What kind of commitment can you have when the player is not there long-term? That is the question you have to answer.”


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  1. udefi says:

    he went to man city for the money like others, wish him success anyway, wenger should spend all the money gotten from fab & nasiru, is not his dad or org that own arsenal, let him end this trophyless drought.

  2. WillyG says:

    He went to Man City to win trophies, something that he knows Wenger is not interested in. Wenger’s target is top-4.

  3. rockofgilberto says:

    He went for the money, plain and simple. @WillyG, if he was interested in winning trophies, then why did he go missing EVERY TIME we were in it last season? He’s not a winner.

  4. goonercanuck says:

    It was a mercenary decision by a player who went missing for the last half of last season–just when he was needed the most. He’ll probably join the long list of players who thought they were too good for Arsenal (Adebayor, Hleb, Flamini, etc.) and ended up realizing that the grass isn’t always greener at the big-money clubs.

  5. tony c says:

    fantastic news that over rated plonker of a money grabber as gone to city rot on the bench loser . come on now arsene lets spend the cash you have loads better players out there than him who will want to play for our great team .

  6. vertor says:

    AW had all d money 2 tempt nasri but faild 2 do dat and he is nw makin all noise,wen arsenal is even beta dan man city financialy. He shld shotup and buy players even if dey r avrage playas or 20 in numb it will b 4 d benefit d club at d moment and future as well

  7. Adedeji yusuf says:

    I no that wenger is not a good coch for arsenal

  8. ibezimako josemaria says:

    can we end this samir saga ? players will come and go but my club stays eternal .. wether psychological or financial ..hes not in our past .. time to lend support to the existing players on board ..diaby i know will show his true potential once he gets fit

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