Date: 27th July 2011 at 2:47pm
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Many Arsenal fans were happy to hear that Denilson left Arsenal this summer as he returned back to Brazil on loan to Sao Paulo. I know some of you may have hoped that we sold him after he got frustrated at the club last season and came out and said he wanted to leave. He got his wish due to this loan but now the Brazilian is saying that he already misses Arsenal and would want to return next season.

Denilson was speaking to Sky Sports News and said, “I miss London, I miss Arsenal. I lived there for five years, it’s a long time for me. But I think next season I’ll be back.”

Would you want Denilson to come back next season? Maybe a break away from Arsenal will reignite his career.

Denilson also spoke about Cesc Fabregas and he believes that the Arsenal captain will stay at Arsenal despite being linked with a move to Barcelona.
“I think it’s very important because the fans, the staff at Arsenal, everyone loves Cesc and I think he’s going to stay,” Denilson said.


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  1. Ilyas rasheed rosicky says:

    I wish him 2 come back next season soo dat he will improve.

  2. Onaji_joseph says:

    Kudos 2 all arsn fan and all just arsn 4f recheing us wit de last report keept it up

  3. Arsenal1Again says:

    Sure, to come back as an Attacking Midfielder which he is

    It’s funny how these player have remained in England for 5 straight years in order to get their British Citizenship -> Almunia, Kanu, Denilson. Unless other British teams buy them, such players refuse to agree deals with over-seas clubs. It would screw their passport plans otherwise. It has to be 5 straight years of residency with no gaps. That is why we have deadwood for so long.


  4. Will says:

    No please don’t return for the sake of Arsenal, stay there for life.

  5. nicky says:

    Whenever an Arsenal player goes somewhere on loan, there is the chance that he will return a better footballer, to the advantage of his parent Club. I hope Denilson will fall into this category as I still feel he can contribute something to Arsenal’s future.

  6. Denilson i wish you gud luck

  7. Bebbs says:

    Never come back denilson. Wenger should give his place to Lansbury

  8. TrueWisdom says:


  9. Gunzblazin says:

    yeh i hope denilson goes and improves his self as a player and comes back, when he came to arsenal he looked very promising but sadly his talents as a player have declined rather than improve, a break seems the best option for him, hope he does well on his loan, ive slated denilson alot for the past 2 years because he has been sloppy, lazy, and makes easy mistakes and his passing is poor to say hes brazillian, hope denilson returns a better player, the best thing denilson has going for him is that hes still very young at 23 years old.

  10. frquen says:

    No no no no… Please just help us.. Stay there for life.. Please us the funs… Stay there.. We dont need you…

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