Date: 27th July 2011 at 8:59am
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With each passing day, we are not getting any closer to finding out if Barcelona are going to meet Arsenal’s valuation and sign Fabregas. The Daily Star is reporting that Arsenal have now given Barcelona until Monday to decide if they want to sign Fabregas or not.

I think giving the club a deadline is a good idea so we know what we are dealing with. If they want Fabregas then they must pay up and take him and then we can start focusing on the season coming up knowing that we are not going to have Cesc. On the other hand if they do not want him then we must know so Wenger can plan his team and transfers knowing that his captain will remain.

Barcelona have sign Sanchez and that was thought to be their top summer target. “Sanchez was always our No.1 target,” said their negotiator, vice-president Josep Bartomeu. “Fabregas was always No. 2.”

I wonder how that statement makes Cesc feel, knowing that he was always the second option for Barcelona this summer. Surely he should take a hint and know that he will more than likely sit on the bench if he goes to Barcelona.

With Arsenal’s team photo for the coming season being taken tomorrow (Thursday) it is pretty certain that Fabregas is going to be in it and sitting next to Wenger as I can not see a deal being done before then to take Fabregas to Barcelona.


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  1. Adeyemi segun says:

    Barca can afford d money but they want to pay it @ d last minute of transfer so dat Arsenal woun’t hv replacement for fabregas. If barca, xavi, david vila and cole really want him to join them, then they hv to pay for him faillingly on monday so dat we can plan on our squad. Good luck Arsenal.

  2. ryan23 says:

    it’s by time we play some hardball,Barca should be lucky for the current asking price of 40 million pounds. if i were in charge the asking price would have at least been between 65 and 70 million pounds why?? cos he’s worth that amount name me any centre midfielder in his class today…

  3. Lastborn says:

    Yes i support your comment adeyemi,barca want to sign fabrepass on tranfer deadline day so dat arsenal will not have replacement.they are about to suffer us.stupid team.

  4. TrueWisdom says:

    Fabregas must just leave so we can start the season prepared

  5. Odu says:

    Barca paid Sanchez’s valuation because they want him, they should do same for Cesc if they really want him. Xavi, his mayor and all the noise makers should contribute money to bail out barcelona if the club does not have enough. Since they want him by all means, and he is under contract by all means, they should pay up and stop making noise.

  6. Yemgunner says:

    If what guys are saying about barca is tru, dat means they crazy.

  7. chibuzor says:

    pls has barca sign fabregas

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