Theo Walcott hat-trick : Your thoughts


It is the Monday morning after our 6-0 thumping of Blackpool on Saturday, now it is time to get over the euphoria that came with our great win an look back at what took place. 6-0 is a great score no matter who the opposition is. I have heard many Manure and Chelski fans say that it was against Blackpool so it does not count. Well… all I had to say to them was that Blackpool put 4 against Wigan so they are no pushovers. But with that said, as much as I hate Chelski, they are playing some Playstation football right now but they will not score six goals in every game.

Theo Walcott Scores 3rd goal Arsenal 2010/11 Arsenal V Blackpool (6-0) 21/08/10 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

With that said, mention has to go to Theo Walcott for his first ever hat-trick for Arsenal on Saturday. Coming into the season, many had written Walcott off after he was dropped from the England World Cup team. I had thought that this would effect him as his moral would be low but he seems to have picked himself up well and delivered a great performance on Saturday. But let us not get carried away, he is still not a world class player in my opinion but he has the potential. Before his hat-trick I heard many Arsenal fans say that Walcott just has lots of pace and at time does not know what to do with the pace. He will beat a player but then put in a poor cross or woeful finish.

So my question to you fellow Gooners today, what do you think of Walcott as a player? Does his hat-trick on Saturday make him world class? Do you believe he has what it takes to be out key man this season?

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  • mian says:

    great great performance by Theo!!!but two things:consistency and being fit!!!thats what he needs and ofcourse all the arsenal players need!!!sometimes i think that he should also try some tricks and spins like c.ronaldo, whihc might make him look good on the eye…but who care untill and unless hes scoring!!! :))

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