Welcome to TheGooner.com – The Home of Arsenal Fans from across the world.

TheGooner.com was founded in July 2009 by a group of Arsenal fans who wanted to create an online platform for Arsenal fans across the world to be able to talk and debate about matters happening at their favourite club.

The birth of TheGooner.com stemmed from us sending email threads back and forth between each other and that got a bit hectic as we would have 100 emails about Arsenal in our inbox’s every day and thus a blog was formed.

The main aim of TheGooner.com is to pull Arsenal fans from all over the world together in one place and talk about Arsenal everyday.

We have all types of people who blog with us, located all over the world. From season ticket holders, university students, soccer coaches and just your everyday passionate Arsenal fan and this makes TheGooner.com the perfect place to debate and comment about our club.

You can email us on gooner@thegooner.com