Date: 25th September 2015 at 11:48am
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Brazilian legend Pele, widely considered to be the greatest footballer in the history of the sport, has claimed that he would play for Arsenal in the modern era if given the chance.

During an illustrious career, which included numerous World Cup victories, Pele netted over 1000 goals and earned himself a stellar reputation despite never playing in a European league.

It’s likely that in the modern era Pele would have moved to Europe, following in the footsteps of successful South Americans on the continent which include Neymar, Lionel Messi and Arsenal’s own Alexis Sanchez.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Pele stated Arsenal would be his preference of English club to join, though indicating Barcelona were the perfect fit.

“I like the teams that play open football. Today it is difficult to decide which teams play that way. Barcelona are the closest in style to Santos and are almost the same style as Brazil in 1970.”

“Between Chelsea and Arsenal? I would play for Arsenal if I had the chance.”

Pele in an Arsenal jersey would be some sight and he’d give the legendary strikers that Arsenal have boasted during their history a run for their money.