Date: 28th March 2015 at 10:34am
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The rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham is arguably the biggest rivalry in the Barclays Premier League. Both of these London-based clubs are not shy to admit the mutual resentment they share. The hatred seems to be embedded into the culture of these teams.

The origin of this rivalry seems to stem from the decision by Arsenal to move from Kent into north London which was the home of Tottenham Hotspur. Since the move, Spurs and Arsenal fans have both fought to dominate north London. It has been recently reported by Arsenal legend Theirry Henry that he learned to hate Tottenham while he played for the Gunners. Henry claimed:

“During my eight years there, something came into me, I have learned the culture of this club… I learned to hate Tottenham.”

The players of these teams are not the only people expressing hatred. During this north London derby, players and fans alike express hostility which leads to fan clashes and fights. Both teams are forced to increase security and precautionary measures.

The Arsenal and Tottenham rivalry is over 100-years-old and does not seem like easing anytime soon. As long as both teams encourage the hatred of one another, the North London Derby will continue.