Date:19th January 2015 at 2:51pm
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Signings, signings, signings. One of the biggest issues that Arsenal FC have. Why is it that the Gunners are famous for young signings? Let’s look at a few names;

– Robin Van Persie

– Samir Nasri

– Thierry Henry

– Cesc Fabregas

– Alex Song

They are just a couple of names that were relatively unknown when signed by Arsenal. Now they are each idols for many of their countries and clubs, and also known for having played at big clubs since leaving Arsenal.

But here is the problem: Arsene Wenger is too confident with young players. He thinks that they will all be magicians with the ball. Yaya Sanogo and Ryo Miyaichi are examples, young and “promising” according to Wenger, but were not able to produce any real moments of quality. Though the signing of Calum Chambers is proving to be a bargain. Wenger can’t stay on this young player theory forever. Some young players will lead, some will flop. We lack players that have experience and are confident in what they do.

Signings like Alexis Sanchez, Santi Cazorla, and Olivier Giroud had proven their quality before signing with the Gunners. These are signings that Wenger must concentrate on, although young players can be a money making exercise, they are not ‘signing of the year’ players like Cazorla was in the 2012-13 season, or like Alexis Sanchez is proving to be in this current season.

As of now we have been hearing rumors of Krystian Bielik and Martin Graiciar joining the Gunners. This is great for the footballers, and fantastic for the youth side but these aren’t players that the fan base desire, especially in a moment of crisis.

Like Danny Welbeck, he should not have been the big summer signing, it should have been a forward like Edinson Cavani or Marco Reus who would be worth spending the big money on. Arsenal have been slacking in the center-back and defensive-midfield positions for a long time. Players like Mats Hummels and Ilkay Gundogan whom we are supposedly linked with could strengthen the CB and CDM positions which would help to save Arsenal’s season. They have both previously played in the Champions League, and have also represented their national team in World Cup glory. Arsene Wenger could continue signing young players, but involve more of current stars to keep us in the title race and have a squad to fear.

A mixture of both current stars and youngsters as signings are what will establish Arsenal to have a perfect team – but more current first-team players are needed. A balance between the two is needed, but at the moment Wenger seems more inclined to build for the future and not the present.


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