Date: 6th November 2014 at 4:13pm
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On Monday, Arsene Wenger revealed that negotiations with Theo Walcott were underway to improve the winger’s contract and ensure that his “peak years” are spent with Arsenal. Great news, but Arsenal fans should only worry about one current star spending his golden years at the Emirates for the moment: Alexis Sanchez.

Sanchez was at his very brilliant best in Tuesday’s 3-3 draw with Anderlecht; producing another virtuoso performance as the Chilean seems to offer more substance to the Luis Suarez comparisons every time he pulls on the shirt. He had a major hand in all three goals; scoring one and directly contributing to the other two. Twitter then erupted with a sense of injustice after our talisman found himself in a team that later lost a three-goal lead. He deserved better. Let’s give it to him.

At 65, Wenger is very much in the twilight of his Arsenal career, and if he wants to bookend his long, illustrious spell with a few trophies then it is vital for him to keep Sanchez contented because history has taught us that our world-class names will slowly but surely gravitate toward the exit – unless they’re given good reason to stick around.

The idea that Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie left us for anything other than glory is laughable. They’re winners. The good news is that Sanchez is cut from the same cloth, and he will do everything in his power to force success; the bad news is that he too will seek an exit if his team-mates undo his hard work.

Nobody wants to be the best player in a shit team; just ask Luis Suarez and Gareth Bale. Sanchez will be 26 when the summer transfer window opens for business.

Maybe it’s the Gooner in me, and how a series of misfortunate events down the years have conditioned us to pessimistic thoughts over the Arsenal, but we’re only four months into Sanchez’s four-year contract and it already feels like it could be the beginning of the end.


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  1. karis says:

    was happy to watch foolish Kompany loose last night while “PLAYING FOR GLORY”

  2. Victor says:

    I agree,that is the reason Mesut looks sick all the time, a good player needs good players around him and the manager who wants to win not who sternghthens other teams like Chelsea by giving away fabregas, Song is at Westham whilst we watching Metersacker, Flamini ans Arteta playing at the back. I watched Wenger pulling off two busy strikers instead of Ramsy and i realise Wenger has lost it. I still dont understand why he did not buy defenders and has already lost the PL and may struggle again for top four so he can play a few games in the Champions league with no ambition to win. Yes feel sorry for a few top players who work very hard because they want to win things and yes they will leave eventually. Arsenal needs drastic changes to move forward. Wenger has lost judgement in the game honestly, watch him on the bench and his decisions, i respect him and alwyas wish he does the right things unfortunately it looks like he is bent on defying the whole world and wants to prove everyone wrong and its been going on and on for years and will continue. Put a new manager he will stregnthen the team for sure, unfortunately we are just supporters to carry the pain and distress

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