Date: 8th January 2014 at 6:00am
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This is a modern and magnificent stadium often ostracized for its quiet and extra serene atmosphere which is completely in-apposite with what Highbury used to be. The mood has always been related with the score line which is totally baffling compared to other football stadiums such as Signa Iduna Park where the support spawning from the stands is unequivocal and absolute regardless of the results from the pitch.
We have been winning the games at home with consummate ease by playing well from the outset when the whistle blows. I always fancy the Emirates Stadium, Ashburton Grove, developing the sense of invincibility that used to exist at Highbury. At the time, we had fickle fortunes but we always made sure that our imminent lack of affluence and the absence of a state of the art Stadium never stifled or inhibited the way we supported our club.

Arsenal Football Club has always represented certain values and except for the lack of coherence amongst the fans in recent years, it is my desire to see us unite again and take advantage of our form this season to create a boisterous atmosphere and knock the other teams of their perch. The fans at the Merseyside never cow down when it comes to supporting their team. It is long since they played in the Champions League and some can argue that they are probably less ambitious than us, but as a fan, do not let your loyalty to Arsenal Football Club be questioned by your failure to support the club when we are having a bad patch or even in the course of the game. Get behind the team and applaud every single pass even when the team is as creative as a rock.

Throughout my life, I always desire to be a model of consistency and relentless hardwork and our team for the past couple of years, bar this year has been letting us down hence the mixed air of half hearted positivism and absolute pessimism around the Emirates stadium has been altogether understandable. At Highbury, there was a certain aura of arrogance which culminated to a very high level of belief that we would beat anyone. It was a stadium which was not a hallmark of a fascinating work of architecture but the fans were core to the vibrant spectacle that we always used to witness.

There have been efforts to transfer some of the old elements and tenets of the Highbury Stadium to the Emirates such as the Clock End and the North Bank but altogether the presence of a big clock at that area of the stadium does not entail or mark a replication of the values and ethos that were illuminated by the fans who relished securing a seat on that area of the pitch. The collective spirit of the fans is what matters hence we ought to inculcate the old values into this new generation of fans in order to enhance continuity and perpetuity of our traditions and massive support for our club.

It defies logic to know that our away fans are more vocal than our home fans. I would even dare to say that we have the best away fans in the league. It is therefore imperative that we eradicate the apprehension that exists in the Emirates Stadium and the fear of the unknown. Our football club is striving to excel on the pitch hence we should do our best to support them from the stands and create an atmosphere that intimidates even the mighty giants of football when they come to the stadium. This is because even when we go to play in the away games, the fans over there are unforgiving. When we are silent at the Emirates, the visitors get too comfortable hence acquiescence is similar to giving the away team plaudits or platitudes and encourage them to bring the game to us.

Arsene Wenger is overseeing the transition of the team from the minnows of top four finishers in recent seasons to a grounded and hardworking football team who appreciate that ability is not ample or sufficient enough to succeed in football. It is a team sport. The team not only entails the players and the gaffer but also the fans that are the most important to a club. We should therefore allow Wenger to be the master of the tapestry and what happens on the pitch and as for us the fans, like the worshipers are vital in a cathedral; we shall oversee the creation of a footballing cathedral which shall be the perfect sport Prozac to the nervous Arsenal supporters who still do not believe that we can win the league.

Good week Gooners.

Do not play small. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking. Do not settle for less than you are capable of.


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  1. samuel mugoya says:

    gunners should sign a striker to win PL
    and FA

  2. Joe says:

    The problem with the Emirates are the stewards forcing you to sit down every 2 minutes – when was the last time you sang from your seat !?
    I only do away days now and no one sits from start to finish.

  3. Mick says:

    Can a stadium really be ostracized?

  4. tezzer says:

    the problem arose when stadiums became all seater i used to attened every home game at highbury before it had to be decked out in seats i stode just to the right of the middle towards the back under the old canopy in the north bank i was amongst freinds at least 50 of us most of who never saw each other apart from on match days in the north bank we used to gather there because we liked to make a noise we all sang our hearts out regardless of the score when it changed to a seated end i couldent even get a seat next to my freinds let alone the other 45 i knew i was on my own with people around me of all diffrent types who hardly made a noise it killed the atmosphear and split up the people who did make a noise you will find the reason why away fans seem to make more noise is because theres fewer of them all grouped in one area and once one sings most follow in the larger area of emirates theres to many people who wont join in and the ones who will who would end up getting the others to sing in the end are spaced to far apart bring back standing bring back being with the people you chose to be with

  5. Thanks MICK for pointing that out.
    Condemned or criticized would suffice.
    The atmosphere at the Emirates is too serene or relatively tranquil. Library stuff.

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