Revealed: Why Wenger started Nicklas Bendtner against Hull

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Many Arsenal fans thought that they would never see Nicklas Bendtner starting a game for Arsenal again. It was THREE seasons ago the last time the Danish striker started a league game for Arsenal up until Wednesday night when he started against Hull.

It was a surprise to see him in the starting lineup with many suggesting that Wenger is giving Olivier Giroud a break now and since it was Hull we were playing, it was a game he could risk resting our star striker.

But Arsene Wenger has revealed that Bendtner has been training very well and thus he started against Hull.

Wenger told, “Look, [it is a gamble] if a guy has not played for a long time, and his last performance was not convincing against Chelsea, but he has worked hard in training and deserved a chance.

We know that when he has the mind of the game, he has the qualities. I believe tonight he had a good game.”

yes, Bendtner may have had a decent game against Hull but that does not mean we do not need another striker in January. Bendtner will not be able to carry us through to the title if Giroud gets injured today for a long spell, we need a better quality striker. As he showed against Hull, Bendtner is useful when called upon but we must not rely on him regularly as his form is very very erratic.

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