Date: 29th November 2013 at 11:59pm
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This could turn into an unnecessary row at Arsenal that the club does not need. This is not the first time that midfielder Mathieu Flamini has broken club protocol and cut off the sleeves off his shirt before a game.

It is Arsenal tradition for the whole team to wear the same length shirts as that picked by the club captain. With the winter chill in the air, Arsenal are wearing long sleeved shirts of late but Flamini does not like them and would rather cut off the sleeves before the game.

The French midfielder did it against Manchester United and now again against Marseille on Tuesday night. This has angered Arsene Wenger who said, “I don’t like that and he will not do that again. It is a club tradition and I was surprised. We don’t want that.”

Flamini however hit back and said, “I have played at the top level for 10 years. I like to wear short sleeves.”

No player is bigger than the club and this is one fight you can be sure that Wenger will win. If the clubs says you must stick to the traditions then players must abide with that. Yes, Flamini has come in this season and played very well but he can be dropped if he does not want to listen to what the club has to say.

How do you think this should be resolved? Flamini should be fined for breaking this tradition on two separate occasions, maybe then he will start to listen.


0 responses to “Arsenal midfielder upsets Arsene Wenger”

  1. He shud b given somtin lik a band 2 hold it up afta rollin it up.its wrong 2 cut it off realy.

  2. Seamonkeyuk says:

    Let them wear what ever top they want, who cares?

  3. Antique Gunmen says:

    Well, I think the man is “rebel inside”. I wonder if he obeyed the team tradition in his first Arsenal career before gone to Milan. It’s clear that Arsenal won’t make any exception, so Flamini should focus on his football rather than what he wore.

  4. Aussie Jack says:

    There is no compromise on discipline or the rot will set in. Flamini will comply with the club rules or he won`t play, simple as that.

  5. igbo Amadi-Obi says:

    I really don’t think we need any such tension. If he feels more comfortable in short sleeves, let them make short sleeves for him. Rather untidy to have him cut the sleeves himself. I do not believe that it makes a lot of difference that not all the players are wearing long sleeves. I do not get to notice anyway.

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