Date: 18th November 2013 at 8:12am
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When the news broke out that Nicklas Bendtner was hoping of leaving Arsenal and joining Barcelona or Real Madrid, many Arsenal fans had a good laugh.

We decided to ask our Twitter followers on @thegoonercom what they thought about this and this is what they had to say:


0 responses to “Arsenal fans react to Bendtner’s Barcelona and Real Madrid dream”

  1. usanga says:

    dreams come true

  2. Raymond A. says:

    Bendtner want’s to play for Real Mandrid and Barcelona…. As what please? Ball Boy or Spectator?

  3. NW says:

    Barca pays Arsenal 24 million pounds transfer fee and if they win the la Liga 2 millions more to come!!!

  4. adeleke olalekan says:

    He should either play 4 the likes of plymouth nottingham forest derby county and clubs lyk dat

  5. sabo abubakar says:

    kicker,go and play for Leeds. United.

  6. geekaybee says:

    What does he want to play ………….draughts or snakes and ladders…..

  7. samuelin says:

    dream come true but need hardworking

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