I expect absolute concurrence even with the greatest rivals and pipe down haters that Arsene is a great manager. However, even in games against United, a team whose form has been patchy, our teams looked fidgety and even him; he didn’t cut an inspiring figure on the touchline. He was outwitted tactically by a manager with average credentials at the top level in the name of David Moyes.

I am not a globally renowned pundit such as Gary Neville, Alan Hansen, Andy Gray or John Dykes et al and most of my football musings are often dispensed with but at times even the simple tenets and cannons of football are readily known by everyone or perhaps to be quite conservative, by any ardent football fan. The pundits only get the plaudits for the regurgitation of information clearly known and common to all in the footballing sphere.

Going into this game, everybody in our club knew that even as much as the three points were at stake, a win or a draw against United was vital to give us a psychological edge and to send a message that we can no longer tolerate the trend of being the whooping boys against United in Old Trafford.

Any manager ought to know that most of the united play emanates from the wings. The tactical set up therefore had to be well structured in order to effectively stifle United from using the flanks. Wenger opted to start Ramsey on the right, a player who I agree is on form but he was not quite disciplined to stick to his duties on the wing. He lost so many balls and did not even bother to track back hence Sagna was exposed and were it not for Flamini, the outcome in the first half would have been calamitous.

Phil Jones started in centre midfield hence it was obvious that he was going to inhibit Ozil from making any meaningful impact on the game. It is worth noting that he had done it successfully against Real Madrid last season in the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League.

A manager is expected to do his homework and he would have known that David Moyes since his days at the Merseyside always wants his teams to be narrow while playing against us especially this time round when he knew that we did not have any natural wide men. Starting Flamini alongside Arteta was therefore ill advised and the eventual substitution of Flamini for the more direct Wilshere justifies that assertion.
Ramsey as stated earlier did not have a good first half but he was immense once he was deployed back to his natural centre midfield position. It was plausible to start Wilshere from the bench especially considering that he was just coming back from the mild ankle injury but his direct play would have been vital if he had started the game because even a half fit Jack proved to be a menace for the United pair of Cleverly and Carrick.

Ozil is a precocious talent and it is appalling that some of our fans can imply that his performances have been underwhelming. Ozil and any other No.10 in the game usually thrive on movement and runs by the forwards including the wingers. Since he joined our club, it is only in one game where he played with an accomplished baller who is a winger such as Theo Walcott. This was against Sunderland and it was arguably his best game to date. He set up Walcott on numerous one on one’s only for him to scuff his shots or place them directly on the keeper’s path.

The introduction of Serge Gnabry for the last 12 minutes changed our fortunes completely. Our attacking midfielders finally found an outlet which had been missing for the vast parts of our game. Gnabry made Evra seem a fool despite the fact that he was on the pitch for only a paltry 12 minutes. Many fans were wishing that his introduction would have been made a little bit earlier since most probably our wide forays would have culminated into something. It was a classic scenario of sour grapes.

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0 responses to “Wenger: Great manager but his tactical naivety against Manchester United cost Arsenal the game”

  1. ruelando says:

    As i have said on previous occasions, Arsene should have more faith in our wide young players, Gnarby should have been on the field from the beginning of the second off running at the united defense, seeing ozil all alone with all that room out wide in the second half was a crime, because ozil is more a creator of chances, but lack the destructive pace a gnarby or ryo would give the team. Arsene has a difficulty changing the team when chasing a game, which other managers do not have that problem. Gnarby has qualities way beyond his years which wenger should have had faith in him. i really feel disappointed, because i felt MANU was there for the taking, but to approach the game so defensive did not allow our middle to control the game, with giroud on his own, i am really disappointed with the result knowing full well it should have been the other way around. i know we will bounce back, but is as if we lost a final thats how i actually feel

  2. Shadow says:

    I agree to an extent with what you said… I have always said that the advantage man u, Chelsea has over arsenal is more of mental than being better… The mentality of a team is driven by it’s coach/manager. Arsenal mental weakness is a reflection of arsene Wenger’s character n mindset… I didn’t see us beating man u n sum how am not expecting us to beat Chelsea.. Man city? yeah… Gnabry was a factor in d equation man u was not used to starting him or bringing him in to early would only make him fizzle out … d issue was not really d late sub of Gnabry its more of the fact dt we couldn’t finish d chances Gnabry created… Bendtner is in a state of confusion abt d roles of a striker and defender… Bendtner is a decent player dt has lost his confidence. BT I remember him getting crucial goals for us from d left wing then.

  3. Goonerbeall says:

    This article hits the nail on the head that about tactical failure. Wenger has problem with substitution and tactics sometimes appear to be absent in his choice of lineup. On the bench he more often than not has players who are likes in everything and you wonder where will he get anyone who can change the game when needing to bring off an ineffectual player? There are others issues but this appear to be one that is obvious at
    least to me. We have all seen how a mere substitution changes a game for our opponents but we never get anything ffrom our substitutions these days as opposed to when we had the likes of Edu in our team. I recal him coming and scoring a winner at OT.

  4. NW says:

    Yes, its one of the things Arsene Wenger doesn’t do very well.

    Sometime he got it right and sometimes he got it wrong. For his status and calibre, we expect him to be right more often than he is.

  5. ThereIsOnlyTheGunners says:

    What I saw in this game was lack of focus. I saw a lot of passes being given away, even the ones that looked and should have been simple. Stats said that this would be a very difficult game but I don´t think it was the players mindset that made us loose the game. To me it was football. We had the game, for the most part, but a lucky bounce for Man U became the difference between three and zero points. After that goal Wenger did something I don´t think I´ve ever seen him do, several quick subs asap and all going forward. Look at the Dortmund game. They had the game but we scored and came out on top. Against Man U it was the other way around. And for fuck sake…….get some backup for Giroud before he ends up with broken neck!!!!

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