Date: 13th November 2013 at 11:47am
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The Daily Star is reporting that Robin Van Persie visited the Arsenal dressing room following the Gunners 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford.

It is said that the former Arsenal striker, who grabbed the only goal of the match, told some of the Arsenal players, backroom staff and manager Arsene Wenger how impressed he had been by the Gunners’ recent run of form. The people who remained to see Van Persie apparently received him well.

One would have thought that Van Persie wanted nothing more to do with Arsenal judging from the way he celebrated after he scored against Arsenal on Sunday. His celebration was not one that you do against your former club which treated you so well and made you the world class player you are today.

As an Arsenal fan, I always wonder, should we hate Van Persie for joining Manchester United or do we blame Wenger for selling him to our major rival? Surely the best thing to do would have been to try sell Van Persie to another club outside of the Premier League. With Van Persie joining United, he ultimately guided them to the title. We may not have been in the title race last season, but this term we are in it and I hope Van Persie does not come back to haunt us by firing United to the title again.


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  1. J Tobias says:

    As an Arsenal fan, I always wonder, should we hate Van Persie for joining Manchester United or do we blame Wenger for selling him to our major rival?

    I don’t hate him, I can only blame Wenger, it was his lack of ambition that made the dutch man look elsewhere.

  2. uk says:

    Totally agree with u. I’m convinced other stars who loved our club like fab, henry etc, left for similar reasons

  3. Mwakyusa Jonas says:

    It’s stupid to blame Wenger on this! Judas asked to leave and he claimed that the little boy inside him told him to choose united. Why should we blame Wenger then?

  4. Justus says:

    Do you blame Jesus for Judas betrayal.
    AGRRRRRRRRR nothing good you can tell about Van Persie.
    the way he cwlebrate says it all. He has no respect to his former club

  5. Why do some fans still insist that it was Wenger’s fault for ‘Selling’ him to to Utd. RVP was leaving, full stop. He and only he, had control over which of the clubs in for him he joined.
    Wenger didn’t TELL him to join Utd. Wenger didn’t WANT him to join Utd. But players have the power now.

    Wenger had two choices; as RVP had made up his mind he was going to leave for Utd he could either keep him for the remainder of his contract and let him go there on a free, or make the best of a seemingly no win situation by selling him for a profit which helped the club. He chose the latter, the only intelligent decision to make.
    The only person to feel any shame towards Arsenal in this situation is RVP.
    And as for those of you that claim it was a lack of ambition on AW’s part that led RVP to leave, why didn’t all the players leave at the time then?
    Why has Ozil joined a club with a manager with such a supposed lack of ambition?
    Why did the Brit core of players sign new contracts last winter?
    Why are you so f*cking stupid?
    Why do we have fans as stupid as you?
    You make me sick and ashamed to be affiliated with you, you all sounds like fickle, glory hunting Chavs or Cock loving shadow dwellers so P*ss off to Chelsea or Spurs.

    You know who you are.

  6. J Tobias says:

    In reply to Arsenalranter, calm down mate, we are all allowed different opinions that is what being a fan is all about. Are you so hostile to everyone who says things that you don’t like? I hope you don’t have kids or a wife, if so god help them.

    The question is, why did RVP want to leave in the 1st place. answer, he wanted to go to a team where he believed he could win trophies, something which arsenal under wenger had failed to do for 7 seasons now 8. I know wenger didn’t want him to go but if he had bought the club more success as any manager getting paid 7mil a year should, maybe he wouldn’t have wanted to go.

    With love and hope you can bare my opinion J. god bless you.

  7. Scott says:

    I think blaming him for leaving only makes us as fans look bitter. Fact is, we’ve shown a lack of ambition over the years and a player of Van Persie’s quality obviously wants to win things before he hangs up his boots. Think he probably regrets it now to be honest. Regarding the situation and I’m not knocking Wenger for saying it but he kind of put him in a situation where he had to do that when he said he’s still an Arsenal man. I agree with what Wenger said but I also understand why Van Persie had to show his current team that he is with them.
    I’ve always had great respect for Wenger as a manager, the only thing I don’t like is that he bullshts the fans season after season about spending money so they buy the expensive season tickets then doesn’t do what he said. Fortunately he’s now started sticking to his word a bit more and everything slowly seems to be coming together. He’s a world class manager and we now have a world class team, hopefully this improvement can continue and we actually get some trophies this season.

  8. jamilu says:

    fuk you van persy

  9. uk says:

    Lol. U sound rabid, hope u got help.
    Agree with you once again. D man went where they put the money wher their mouth is. Say they got ambition, show they got ambition. It aint his fault some teams only say, but don’t do. It don’t matter if the likes of diaby, and jenks are signing new contracts. Or a core of average @best british kids.
    As for the celebration, you could see that win was very important to the whole man utd team. The whole team celebrated the goal wildly, and @d end of the match, all d players and coach celebrated rvp. No hard feelings fellow gooners, but d man had to be excited about dat goal, d great man utd for d first tym in a long while was d underdog, written off on their own turf, they needed to show d world they could stand up and fight, and to succesfully do that, it calls for celebrations man. Rvp, may stil love arsenal, but he’s a professional, and n that pitch, he’s a man utd man, period.

  10. Goonerbeall says:

    There is a lot of counts online today.
    Some forgot Arsenal won a double in his first season. Has any of them heard of invincible?

  11. Goonerbeall says:

    Even Barren who have won everything are aspiring tp do an Arsenal. Go through a season undefeated. Meaning its special..

  12. bc says:

    There should be no hateand no blame. Transfers of players is normal an long may it continue. Can u imagine how crap football would be if no one joined new clubs

  13. CL says:

    Lack of ambition!! Two words to sum it all up!! THE BOARD… No one else is to blame for lack of ambition and no silverware. With us signing Kermitt, hopefully it shows we are now prepared to spend and invest? I am sure Kermitt would not have signed unless he thought otherwise.

  14. kenneth says:

    Not that Wenger has much of a choice! With 6 months left in his(RvP’s) contract then,Persie gets the biggest say where he wants to go! Guys…let bygone be bygone. We are back on top…let the good times roll again! A word of advice….thou shall never be truly happy till you learn NOT to hate! Glory Glory Gunners!

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