Date: 11th November 2013 at 4:19pm
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I felt extremely pessimistic yesterday even before kick off as Wenger’s approach to the game was too negative from his team selection, my pessimism was proven accurate.

My problem with the starting line up was the two holding midfielders being played in front of the back four (Arteta and Flamini). To me this is totally unnecessary regardless of our opposition. Wenger has a team at his disposal (all be it depleted yesterday) that can carve open opposition and dominate possession most games, but away to Manchester United all he did was invite the home team on to us and give us fewer options going forward – after five minutes I could see we were going to struggle.

So, I sat frustrated as I’m sure every other Gooner was through a first half were we never gained attacking momentum. The front four attacking players (Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil and Giroud) were outnumbered and too spread out. Not only that but Ozil had his worst game for us so far and Giroud looked like a worse version of Bendtner if there is such a thing. We should have started with Wilshere or Gnabry instead of Arteta and taken the game to them. Wenger should show more ambition.

The goal came in typical fashion from a corner where our defence stood still in that stupid zonal formation around the box, and waited for the players from the opposition – in this case RVP – to take a running jump and header the ball home. This zonal system is one of my biggest hang-ups with Wenger’s yactics as we concede numerous goals because of it throughout the season. It makes me wonder how much influence Steve Bould has over our defensive tactics as surely he knows that a man marking system works so much better.

In the second half things improved a touch but it was typically too little too late. Wenger’s mistakes had been made and he could not rectify them by bringing on Bendtner! That was as worth it as sending the Spice Girls armed with Nerf Guns to take on the Taliban. At least Sagna put in some great crosses that no one had the minerals to get on the end of.

Sickener now is the international break!


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  1. Caleb mwami says:

    In my opinion i think itz high time for arsene wenger to introduce attacking wingers in the team.we dont ve pressure-up on the opponent fullbacks

  2. Wez Hunter says:

    it doesn’t take long for the haters to reappear does it. That’s the first goal we’ve conceeded from a set piece all season so makes a mockery of your comment on zonal marking. we were unlucky, and I am fairly confident that we will will more games playing the way we did than utd will playing thr way they did. top of the league in mid nov is worthy of more praise but as usual its always the negatives that get the column inches.

  3. Ernest. says:

    I completely agree with Hunter. Lets be a bit positive and supportive rather than operate in negative pessimistic aguement. We are doing well. When we get another striker things will improve.

  4. gargamel says:

    Hear we go again with arsenal haters,the team got it wrong, we could’ve last with a point it didn’t work out, and we moving on,well fought game,

  5. gargamel says:

    We should continue being supportive, they won’t win all there games,I see trophy in the makings,sooner than later,chin up gunners.

  6. Sphinx37 says:

    arsenal looked like little boys playing big brother. I believe they are not meshing. They play as individual no harmony in passing. When the ball goes forward no forceful sticker available. Bring Banzema, Geroud! Should be somewhere else . He is playing out of position. I said it many times that Ozil is lost in this team. He looked frustrated, Since Cazora and the others came back there is no harmony in the team when the new guys are playing.

  7. Jay says:

    How convinient for mert n rosicky to fall sick just before the encounter. Lets not forget walcott. Something is fishy about the settings to the game

  8. Sam says:

    Come on gooners. Cheer up. It’s not that bad. 11 games gone and we are still top of the league with more players coming back from injuries soon, and three important games ( United, Liverpool and Spurs game ) out of the way. I remember one year we did double over United but United still won the title. This could happen to us. I don’t blame players. I blame Wenger. He chickened out. If could deal with Liverpool and BD with Ramsey and Arteta in the middle, then do we need two defensive midfielders against united. Surely present United aren’t better than BD and Liverpool. This means Ramsey got shifted to RW and we all know he isn’t half the player in that position. This cost us our fluidity in the middle and as a result no player could string passes together. We should have played Arteta and Ramsey, Wilshire in front of the triangle, and shifted Ozil to the RW. Ozil can do lot of damage from there. Wenger is too timid in big games. United were there for the take. Wenger should always play to our strengths rather than worry about the opposition. This sends negative vibes to the team and it has effect.

  9. J Tobias says:

    Thanks for all of the comments good and bad. Think I should add that I am not being a “hater”. I just think Wenger got it wrong yesterday, we had 11 players who could have been sent out there with a more positive approach and beaten a very poor looking United. Like the team we sent out that destroyed Liverpool. I wanted to end the weekend on a high with Arsenal showing how much they mean business and Man U squirming in mid table, but was left disappointed.

    P.S. I still think our zonal marking at set plays sucks even if we have only conceded 1 so far.

    With total respect to all my fellow Gooners, much love. COYG

  10. EL_REY says:

    Pls wenger when will our injury players be back. The likes of walcott,podolski,chamberlain.

  11. Chris says:

    I am anti Wenger due to his management failures over the last 6 – 8 years. But I think it was perfectly reasonable for him at least to start with both Arteta and Flamini … working as a pivot in front of the back 4. As to the H1 performance vs. Man. Utd. it reminded me of the H1 against Dortmund at home. Very very slow to get going … too much respect. Compare with the fast start vs. Naploi … whom we blew away !

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