Date: 7th November 2013 at 11:03am
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“Wenger likes having the ball, playing football, passes,” Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp said before the Arsenal game. “It’s like an orchestra, but it’s a silent song, yeah? And I like heavy metal more. I always want it loud! I want to have this: ‘BOOM!'”

But on Wednesday night, the orchestra proved to be the winning performance.

Heart pounding, I dared a glance as the screen as Lewandowski span hopelessly in the 18-yard box under pressure from Mertersacker while his attempt rolled frailly into the hands of Szczesny. It had been that kind of day for the Germans as their penalty appeals were swatted aside by the referee. Frustration was a major part of the Dortmund’s evening as Arsenal’s midfield pentagon has seamlessly gelled to produce a master-class of footballing maturity and class.

They hustled Dortmund where it mattered and kept possession when it mattered. The front three of ‘Carzola-Ozil-Rosicky’ proved that the win against Liverpool last Saturday was not a fluke and yet again with an excellent attacking and defensive display and, as we have grown accustomed, Ramsey scored. The build-up play to the goal would have made even Guardiola smile as Dortmund struggled to keep up with the play due to the beautiful ‘tika-tika’ associated with Barcelona. A touch from lady luck and Ozil was on the ball and the rest is glorious history. We could have scored about two more with Giroud’s effort being cleared off the line and Mertersacker narrowly missing out on a header but one goal was enough to get passed an impressive Dortmund side.

Arsenal had pulled it off; a fantastic feat and a wonderful and memorable evening for all Gooners that will leave David Moyes with much to ponder upon before our clash on Sunday. With Arsenal looking like a well-oiled machine and buoyed by imminent returns of Walcott and the ever solid Flamini, things look good from this side; Giroud’s commitment, highlighted by his defensive tackle as late as the 84th minute in a tremendous effort to keep Dortmund at bay, Rosicky’s constant energy in kick starting counter attacks and picking off the perfect pass, even at the age of 32, to our ever impressive centre back partnership of’ Mert-Kosc’.

Momentum is with Arsenal and Manchester United can be forgiven for being cautious come Super Sunday. There is nothing more that would satisfy Gunners fans like beating a certain infamous Dutchman on his home soil. The day may have finally come when we no longer fear the impending threat of United but wait eagerly for the game with the expectation of three points and an inspiring score line. We can dare to dream again and come Sunday 4.10pm at Old Trafford; we will show the world why.


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  1. Antique Gunmen says:

    Looksliked someone has kick their bumble bee ass while they are busy thrashing around (you know the spin head heavy metal move).And I’m glad that the one was US. What a sweet revenge. We beat them in the same fashion they’ve done to us. Eye for an eye.
    Heads up already guys Operation Old Trafford ahead. Let’s make them “Theater of BAD Dream”

  2. zakariyau jelyll says:

    We went on OPERATION BUST nd we BUSTED them dat is wat we called football

  3. Bruno Alves says:

    Wonderful article! Hits the spot perfectly! Great game yesterday! Operation Old Trafford is a plan!!

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