Date: 30th October 2013 at 12:48pm
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Mesut Mozil may have just angered Asrene Wenger by declaring that Jose Mourinho is the best coach in the world.

Following Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat on Tuesday night in the Capital One Cup the German midfielder was seen giving his Arsenal shirt to Jose Mourinho after the game. Normally you see players exchanging shirts with one another but never do you see a player giving the opposition manager his shirt.

Speaking after the game, Ozil said, ‘I gave my jersey to Mourinho because he’s the best coach in the world and I love him like a father.’

Ozil gives shirt to Mourinho

Now imagine how Wenger would feel after hearing that! I am sure Ozil is entitled to his own opinion but he should not say such in public as now we as Arsenal fans may start to think he does not rate Wenger that highly.

We all know that Ozil spent time with Mourinho as Real Madrid and it seems like a strong bond was formed between the two. Why then did Jose not try to sign Ozil before he joined Arsenal if they are so close?

I am sure Wenger is going to be asked in his pre-match press conference before the Liverpool game about all of this and I bet you he will simply say, “Ozil is allowed to give his shirt to whomever he wants.”