Lots of talk has been going on about the need for another striker. This is based on the fear of Giroud getting an injury and also the need for a different type of striker. Both reasons are valid and Arsenal do really need to sign a new striker. However, that cannot happen till the winter transfer window in January. For now what we need to do is look at what we have at hand.

The options for Arsenal upfront are:

1. Nicklas Bendtner

The big Dane is the only other senior natural striker Arsenal has. He has shown his potential before and with a few more games he can definitely be a genuine option for a striker. Good in the air, his feet and not short of confidence he is still a threat and can be counted on to score a few.

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  1. Ashraf says:

    Out of those 10, four are injured. To be honest, Arsenal’s best player to play as a striker is Aaron Ramsey. As you said, he has been prolific this season, so playing him up front is a good option.

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