Date: 14th October 2013 at 6:00pm
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At the outset, I have to stress that the alleged Dennis Bergkamp account on twitter is a fake and it has been suspended. Former Dutch international and Manchester United goalie Edwin Van de Sar has confirmed that the information he had provided prior pertaining to the account is not accurate and so all Gooners should calm down, the KING is not back yet. If you get what I mean.

On to other news, Arsenal has competed in 126 seasons and no two seasons have ever been the same. Each single season is packed with its dramas and new highs and lows hence every year the football campaign throws a different story line for the club to be remembered ranging from the epic North London derbies last season to the lowly losses against Bradford in the cup. The last couple of seasons have been a rollercoaster with varying emotions. In the ‘invicibles’ season, and the other seasons before our mass exodus of quality players commenced, the gap between us and the like of Tottenham Hotspurs and other mid table clubs at the time was very wide. In the past few seasons, the gap or the margin between us and such clubs have been very blurry.

It is true that there have been spectacular matches, breathtaking goals and not to mention the incredible and spirited comebacks like the aforementioned game against spurs which both ended 5-2 with the first hugely inspired by the brilliance and desire of the little Mozart and the brilliance of the mercenary in the name of Robin Van Persie. There is still a bit of sour grapes about his departure since we have never secured a more potent replacement of the Dutchman who was a lethal striker but I highly doubt that he will enjoy the success that he had anticipated under the guidance of Sir Alex. The old man got one over him since in my opinion, he was well aware that he was going to retire last season and that he needed a tool or a rifle to fire him straight into the 20th title more importantly signified by the No.20 jersey given to Robin upon his arrival in Manchester. I do not have the intuition of a monk such as Dalai Lama but I am well aware that Robin would not have signed for United if at all he was aware that his idol and foster father who paid for his adoption from Arsenal was going to retire. The little boy in him must now be willing to go back home to his real and true father namely Arsene Wenger where he would meet up with his newly acquired half brother called Mesut Ozil. Too bad Robin, enjoy the turbulence in the Manchester airplane. I hope it soon comes crashing since you can never use the one that you didn’t marry to stick it to the one that you did and you did exactly that.

Anyway, to direct my wave of emotions elsewhere, I miss seeing our players on top of the bus in an open parade serenading the streets of North London. The moments when we used to refer to Manchester United as our bitter rivals are gone. Our matches lost the thrill that used to be common in the fiery battles and it was always fascinating to observe the footballing rivalry between the two foes called Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane. I was a young lad then but such memories are so vivid and nostalgic as well. We can only strive to rekindle such encounters with the big teams especially now that we have an edge over them because of the resulting changes in the managerial positions is such clubs and as well as the newly acquired financial muscle. The idea is not far-fetched considering that we have a good mix of players who are at the peak of their powers under the guidance of the gaffer and the senior members of the squad to add to the steel, grit and determination that has been lacking in previous years.

Feel free to express your opinions whether supporting or dissenting.

Have a blessed week Gunners.


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