Date: 13th October 2013 at 11:43am
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In the new age of technology, one can easily get left behind. Many old football players have not caught up to the craze of Twitter, some do not buy into it whilst some simply do not want to use modern technology.

Arsenal legend, Dennis Bergkamp has finally joined the world of Twitter. You can find him on the handle @dbergkamp1969.

Dennis Bergkamp havs an autobiography to sell and the best place form to start marketing it is Twitter, where he has access to over 2 million Arsenal fans.

Bergkamp’s account does not have the famous blue tick yet on Twitter which will confirm that it really is The Ice Man but Edwin van der Sar and then the official Ajax Twitter feed have confirmed that it really is the man himself.


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  1. Shafi says:

    Sorry oo, its fake. now its suspended.

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