Date: 11th October 2013 at 2:00pm
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The game against Aston Villa seems like decades ago. Was it a nadir or was it the perfect start to ensure that the boss bought some quality player in Mesut Ozil? Or was the purchase of Mesut Ozil already contemplated by the club at the time? What I can only say is that the atmosphere was definitely vitriolic but apparently it gave us the perfect impetus to foster some decent spirit of togetherness to negotiate the curves for the remaining part of the season.

The squad is relatively thin despite the appalling stubbornness of the boss to strengthen it over the course of the whole summer. However, we can give him a benefit of doubt. It is not down to him that we have had so many injuries and personally I believe that it is the high time that we send away our physio Colin Lewis who gets a paycheck devoid of any decent work.

An example is the assessment made on Lukas Podolski’s hamstring injury. Our physio’s claimed that he would only be out for a couple of weeks but when he went for international duty to hang out with the Germany squad since he was not eligible to play, the national team doctor posited that he would be out for a little bit longer which has proved to the case. Or did his injury get aggravated in the course of his flight? What I mean is that we do not get players back as fast as other teams a fact is which is very detrimental to our title chances especially in the season run in where we will be depleted and everyone will be needing a breather which will not be possible without fit players on the bench.

Arsene Wenger should also try some squad rotation like Gerardo Martino is doing at FC Barcelona. They are a team well known for having a small but top quality squad but Martino is wise enough to know that squad rotation keeps everyone fit which is very plain, simple and intelligible.

The other interesting aspect is the German revolution going on at Arsenal. We have cliques in the dressing room ranging from French, German and our English core which seems to give us a broader range of harnessing some team ethos from a broad width or array of cultures. The French’s desire to improve themselves, the German’s Mannschaft is well known for its hardwork, relentlessness and working hard for the crest whereas for the English players, it is common knowledge that their passion and desire to win is peerless. This gives us a new and vital edge or dimension. There is a real desire in this team. In some games in previous seasons we were throwing points away even when we were leading but now we can even see out the games and win ugly. The Swansea game is a decent example. We didn’t see much of the ball which is contrary to our playing culture as inculcated by the boss but we were good enough to grind out a win even with Gnabry on the team. It is a massive step in the right direction.

Finally, even the boss seems reinvigorated. He has ditched his knee length puffer jacket which seems to always trouble him with the zip and seems like a bad omen. We get a centre half and a proven goalscorer in January and we are sorted as long as we keep our players fit.

Reality check: Our nemesis, the spuds are today celebrating 20,000 days since they last won the league whereas they still have a bitter taste left in the mouth after the loss to Westham. What a week it has been for them.


Good day Gooners.