Date: 10th October 2013 at 10:30am
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Former Arsenal striker Dennis Bergkamp wants to return to Arsenal one day as a coach and help lead the club to major honours.

In an exclusive interview with Telegraph Sport, Bergkamp said that he hopes to return to Arsenal one day, but as a coach and not a manager.

“The feeling Johan Cruyff has had for Barcelona, I have the same with Arsenal,” says Bergkamp, who is currently assistant coach at his boyhood club Ajax.

“At Arsenal it was a good click. I always enjoyed it. I never had a bad day there. It is always on my mind. It is part of my ambition to come back at some stage.

“I can’t really plan ahead. I know I will be here [at Ajax] for at least another three or five years and then I don’t know. I don’t see myself being at Ajax for the rest of my coaching career. I don’t see myself as a manager.

“I see myself as being part of the coaching staff. I really enjoy that role, especially the individual training with the strikers.

“I’ve spoken to or have heard about others [former Arsenal colleagues] who would also love to come back.
Steve Bould is there now which is excellent. I’ve spoken to Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry would love to come back to Arsenal one day. Tony [Adams] is a big option as well.”

Now wouldn’t that be something if we could have some of those Arsenal legends back at the club? We do not have enough former players as part of the Arsenal coaching staff and I believe they are necessary as they really know what goes on at the club and they can share their knowledge with the younger players coming through.

Bergkamp though says he has no ambitions on being the manager but would rather just be a coach; I think the “Ice Man” would actually be a fantastic manager for Arsenal in a couple of years time.


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  1. nicky says:

    The important requirements for ex-players wishing to return to Arsenal’s coaching staff are (a)coaching badges and (b) the ability to teach.

  2. richie says:

    denis can’t be a manager because he refuses to fly. so forget that idea but coaching is something i would die to see

  3. In the interview, Denis himself rules out managing, so I’m ot sure to whom your remarks are addressed, richie.

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