Date: 21st November 2011 at 2:03pm
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Arsene Wenger is hoping to get Robin van Persie to sign a new contract and spend the rest of his career at Arsenal. Van Persie has been in fine striking form for the club and is one of, if not the, hottest striker in Europe right now.

Van Persie only has 18 months left on his current deal and he has not signed a new contract yet but Wenger hopes he will be able to convince him.

Wenger said, “My dream is that Van Persie stays until the end of his career at this club.

“I will do the maximum I can to try to convince him and I hope I will manage to do that.

“He is exceptional and has something that you cannot give to people.

“For the second goal, he finished with a chip on his right foot – and I have never seen a bigger left-footed player than Robin van Persie.

“He always makes the right decisions in a fraction of a second when there is little time available, that makes him exceptional.”


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  1. Lawrence Babatunde says:

    RVP is the best striker now in the world,i hope he stay with arsenal for life

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